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Work-from-Home Trend Continues: Selecting the Right Accent Office Chair

Work-from-Home Trend Continues: Selecting the Right Accent Office Chair

The epidemic's impact has lessened for society, but for some, it still persists. For example, working in the physical office dropped dramatically in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. In some areas, 70% to 90% of employees worked from their homes.

As the epidemic has ended, a considerable number of people have returned to working in the office. However, many employees and companies have continued the work-from-home model. As survey shows, in 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees in the US worked from home, while 28.2% worked in a hybrid model.

By 2025, about 32.6 million Americans, or 22% of the workforce, are expected to work remotely, as per Upwork. Many surveys now show that employees' efficiency in working from home has not decreased. Because they have less tiredness from commuting and fewer interruptions, they can concentrate better on their work. This could be an important support for the continuation of the trend of working from home.

Many people who work from home do not have a dedicated home office. Instead, they often convert a small area in their bedroom, living room, or dining room into a temporary workspace. Choosing the right home office furniture is important. It should be comfortable for 4-8 hours of work and also match your home decor.

In home office furniture, the chair takes precedence. This article will help you choose a comfy and stylish accent office chair for your home office.

work from home

What is An Accent Office Chair?

To be frank, there is no specific definition for the accent office chair. However, we can infer that this type of chair is an office chair or desk chair that differs from the traditional ergonomic office chair and prioritizes appearance as much as, or more than, function. Certainly, accent chairs can also double as accent office chairs, provided that they meet your work-from-home requirements.
accent home office chair

Factors to Consider When Buying An Accent Desk Chair

Seat Height

What to consider: If your desk or table is fixed, it's important to choose an accent office chair with pneumatic seat-height adjustment. This will ensure that your feet are firmly on the ground and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.If you can barely touch the ground with your feet or if you are on your toes, you need to lower the seat because it is too high. If your knees are higher than your waist, you need to raise the chair because it is too low. Furthermore, you should be able to easily adjust the height to ensure that your forearms are parallel to your desk when typing.

Why it matters: An incorrectly adjusted chair can lead to long periods of unsupported positions during the day. Bad posture can cause long-term injuries to different body parts and lower work productivity. Some people work in chairs that are not the right height for their desk, causing them to constantly change their posture. This can make it hard to focus and work efficiently.

Correct sitting posture

Seat Size

What to consider: The seat should have enough width and depth to support users of different body sizes comfortably. The seat should be deep enough for you to sit with your back against the backrest. There should be about 1-2 inches of space between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.


Why it matters: If the chair seat is too long for your legs, it can cause discomfort and affect your posture. You may have to sit forward without back support or have your knees pressed against the seat. This can lead to reduced blood flow in your legs, which is not ideal for your overall health. If the seat width is narrow for your hips, you may feel cramped and restricted in movement.

Lumbar Support

What to consider: If you have to work more than 5 hours at home, consider getting an accent task chair with lumbar support. Adjustable lumbar support allows you to manually adjust the height, depth, and firmness of the back, making it easier to find the right support for your lower back.

Fixed lumbar support, on the other hand, is not adjustable and only suitable for specific body types. If you prefer to buy a chair in person, you can try sitting on it to choose one with fixed lumbar support that fits you.

To save money on an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, you can purchase a lumbar cushion. This cushion provides extra support and comfort.

Why it matters: Desk chairs with lumbar support are designed to reduce lower back strain while seated. They include a curved section at the bottom of the backrest to support the natural inward curve of the spine. Sitting in a chair without proper lumbar support can cause long-term back pain and lower back discomfort.

Home office chair with lumbar support


What to consider: Firstly, the height of the backrest needs to be considered.  The low-back accent office chair generally has a backrest height of 14 inches or less, suitable for short periods of work or study.
Yaheetech low back task chair
The mid-back office accent chair supports your lower and middle back. It is good for people who work for less than 5 hours at a time.
Mid-back home office chair
A home office chair with a high backrest is good for tall people or those who work for a long time. It supports the neck, shoulders, and back.
High back office chair
In addition to comfort, the choice of backrest height should also consider the size of the space. If your home office is small, choose a low or mid back chair. If you have a separate office, a high back chair is more upscale and comfortable.

For greater comfort, consider choosing an accent office chair with adjustable backrest angle and height.

Why it matters: Proper back support helps to reduce back pain and strain, while also allowing workers to be more focused on their work in a comfortable seating position. The tilt function of the backrest can help alleviate strain on the shoulders, arms, and eyes during a break.


In order to create a comfortable and efficient home office environment, the choice of the appearance of a leisure office chair is just as important as the functionality. A lovely, well-designed chair that matches your style can make your home office truly unique. Here are some suggestions on how to choose a suitable office chair based on your living environment.

Enhance The Look of A Bedroom Office with White Office Chairs

For optimal desk placement, position your office desk next to a window to enhance concentration and productivity. Face your office and situate a bedroom corner near the window to let in natural light. This also helps to separate the desk from the bed.

In a small bedroom, choose light furniture like a white desk chair to make the office area look bigger. You can also put the desk next to the bed. Ensure the desk and chair match the bed's color and style, while maintaining the bedroom's peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

Yaheetech boucle white desk chair
Yaheetech white office chair with arms

Add a Personal Touch with Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

Mid-century modern office chairs are a good choice to refresh your home office with their timeless and classy design. These chairs are influenced by design ideas from 1933-1965. They have simple lines, shapes, and materials like plastic, plywood, and steel for a unique appearance. Key characteristics of this style include:

  • Clean, Simple Lines
  • Bold Colors and Shapes
  • A Blend of Natural Elements and Industrial Elements

Yaheetech brown desk chair

Yaheetech mid-century modern task chair

Bring Professionalism with High-Back Executive Office Chairs

A high-back accent office chair is a great investment for creating a more stylish and comfortable home office environment. Its elegance and distinction surpass that of any other type of office chair. Choosing this kind of chair can also convey a professional impression to important guests who visit.

Yaheetech high back executive chairIntroduce Curved Lines to Form a Welcoming Work Space

Streamlined home office chairs are sleek and maintain a clean interior. However, sometimes we desire a touch of uniqueness.

Curved shapes make a cozy atmosphere in your home office. They fit easily in any corner of your house or apartment. Accent offices chairs with curved designs are also quite versatile, suitable for various uses such as dining, studying, crafting, drawing, and more.

Yaheetech pink desk chair

Yaheetech velvet desk chair

Maximize Your Small Home Office with Armless Desk Chairs

Many home offices don’t have much space to work with, and that’s why space-saving home office furniture are a must. An office chair without arms takes up less space than one with armrests, making it better for smaller rooms and nooks. Furthermore, you can tuck them under the dining table or home office desk when they are not in use to free up more floor space.

Yaheetech armless task chair

Other Factors

Armrests: Accent office chairs with armrests provide ergonomic support by holding your arms in a comfortable position while typing, reducing strain on the deltoid and upper trapezius muscles. They also offer a nice place to rest your arms during breaks. You can choose chairs with fixed or adjustable arms according to your needs.

On the other hand, office chairs without arms are suitable for workers who tend to rest their arms and hands on the desk. They also facilitate easy entry or exit from the seat and save space by being pushed under the desk when not in use.

Armless Chair Vs Armchair

Base Type: If you need to transition from one location to another, wheels facilitate smooth movement from your desk to a filing cabinet or between two workspaces. Otherwise, you will likely opt for a desk chair with stationary base.

Upholstery Materials: The most common upholstery materials include leather, linen fabric, and velvet. You can choose the material based on the frequency of use and the home office style. Faux Leather is waterproof and durable, but not breathable; fabric is soft, breathable, and skin-friendly, but hard to maintain.

Upholstery materials


Working from home has become common for many individuals. Despite the various difficulties associated with remote work, a carefully planned home office can enhance the experience. It provides a dedicated space for concentration and productivity, while maintaining the aesthetic of your home. We hope you found some helpful suggestions for selecting the best accent office chair.


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