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Making the Right Choice: A Buyer's Guide to Bathroom Cabinets

Making the Right Choice: A Buyer's Guide to Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet

First and foremost, the function of the bathroom cabinet is essential in maintaining a neat and well-arranged home, particularly in terms of toilet storage. Despite the limited space in the bathroom, there is an amount of toiletries, bath supplies, and various cosmetics that need to be accommodated.

Failing to manage storage effectively can lead to a cluttered, untidy space that affects our quality of life. It's important to emphasize that a clean and well-organized bathroom contributes to our overall comfort, especially when entertaining guests. This creates a positive impression and improves the overall experience for guests.

Bath Cabinet  I. Why did We Choose the Bathroom Cabinet?

The primary function of the bathroom cabinet lies in its ability to efficiently store items, thus promoting a clean and orderly bathroom while providing a practical and convenient experience for users.

  II. Types of Bathroom Cabinet

There are various types of bathroom cabinets, which are mainly categorized based on the following criteria:

① Based on the material, they can be classified into solid wood bathroom cabinets, aluminum alloy bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, and so on.

② Based on the installation method, they can be classified into wall-mounted and floor-standing bathroom cabinets.

The difference lies in the absence of legs. Bathroom cabinets with feet may have difficult-to-clean corners, while wall-mounted cabinets are more convenient to clean without any inaccessible corners.

There is also a difference in drainage method. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are more suitable for wall plumbing, as they are aesthetically pleasing and prevent odors, whereas floor-standing bathroom cabinets are more suitable for traditional plumbing systems.

Bathroom Cabinet

Benefits of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets:

  • Firstly, they prevent moisture from seeping into the cabinet by keeping it elevated from the ground, which extends its lifespan.
  • Secondly, they are cost-effective and come in a variety of styles.
  • Thirdly, they create a sense of spaciousness, especially in small bathrooms.
  • Lastly, they contribute to better hygiene and cleanliness as the lower hanging position is easier to maintain, with minimal hard-to-reach areas.

Disadvantages of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets:

  • The need for a load-bearing or solid wall to withstand the weight, inconvenience in taking and placing items due to the height,
  • The installation process is more troublesome and affects the aesthetics due to drainage considerations.
  • Additionally, heavy objects should not be placed on the wall-hanging shower cabinet to prevent loosening or falling.
Bathroom Cabinet
③ Based on functionality, they can be categorized into non-mirror, mirror, and smart bathroom cabinets.

Non-mirror cabinet bathroom cabinets: These are pure mirror (round/square) plus basin cabinets, with a horizontal appearance.



Mirror cabinet bathroom cabinets: These have a mirror with storage functionality, making them more practical.

Smart bathroom cabinets: These are equipped with features like demisting, time/temperature display, Bluetooth music, and other intelligent functions, making them more advanced.


III.  Purchase Tips

  • First, consider the storage needs of your bathroom and choose between a mirror cabinet and a mirrorless cabinet based on quality and appearance.
  • Second, evaluate the materials of the mirror, cabinet, and basin, such as silver mirror, solid oak wood, and integrated ceramic basin or marble artificial stone.

Bathroom Cabinet

  • Mirror Material

First of all, mirrors typically come in three materials: copper, aluminum, and silver. Copper mirrors are relatively straightforward, typically appearing golden in color. They are older products that are now less commonly used and are generally used for decoration.


Aluminum mirrors are not as shiny, and the aluminum tends to oxidize over time, resulting in a less satisfactory experience. They have low production costs and are more popular in the low and mid-end markets.


Silver mirrors, on the other hand, are waterproof with a glossier finish compared to aluminum mirrors. They provide high-definition imaging, a natural and bright appearance, and better antioxidant properties compared to aluminum mirrors. It is advisable to use a silver mirror material in bathrooms or other areas prone to moisture.

Bathroom Cabinet

  • Mirror Cabinet Material

Materials for bathroom mirror cabinets mainly include (multi-layer) solid wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and PVC.


Solid wood (oak) has a beautiful appearance, and good texture, and is environmentally friendly but is more expensive.


Multi-layer solid wood also has a beautiful appearance, and good texture, and is environmentally friendly, with a lower price than oak. Aluminum alloy/space aluminum is treated with vacuum thermal transfer technology, making it resistant to deformation, aging, and moisture, as well as environmentally friendly. Stainless steel is less common in the market.


PVC has a variety of colors, high-temperature scratch resistance, but low corrosion resistance, the tendency to fade and peel, and general environmental protection.


In terms of performance and aesthetics, the priority ranking is solid wood (oak) > Multi-layer solid wood > Aluminum alloy > Stainless steel > PVC.


It is generally recommended to use a solid wood mirror cabinet for proper separation of dry and wet areas in the bathroom and to ensure the waterproof and moisture-proof process is done carefully.


For instance, a glass partition in the shower area and a solid wood cabinet for the bathroom countertop. If there is no dry and wet separation, then it is recommended to choose a stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or PVC mirror cabinet for the bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet

  • Basin Material

The basin is typically made of ceramic, marble, and artificial stone.

The most popular bathroom basin material on the market currently is the ceramic integrated basin, while the middle and high-end bathroom counter basin is usually made of marble and artificial stone.

For regular households, the ceramic integrated basin offers good value. If the budget allows, marble and artificial stone provide higher quality and appearance.

The ceramic integrated basin is generally located under the basin, although there are also some platform basins or platform basin mirror cabinets, which are relatively less common in the market. They offer a higher appearance level but are more difficult to clean daily. This provides a balance for your own choice~

Bathroom Cabinet

  • Third, prioritize environmental protection by selecting cabinets that meet E0 or E1 levels.
  • Fourth, ensure high-quality hardware with excellent waterproof and mute effects from reputable brands.
The bathroom cabinet hardware typically consists of hinges, metal chains, and sliding rails, usually made of stainless steel or steel. It is advisable to select items with excellent waterproofing and sound-damping properties to significantly enhance the user experience.
  • Fifth, consider the positioning of the mirror light, opting for a ring light or wall light to provide uniform light without dark shadows for makeup application.

The best option for lighting in a mirror cabinet would be a ring-shaped or double row of lights arrangement to provide uniform illumination without glare or shadows, thus facilitating makeup application.

If lights are placed on just one side of the mirror cabinet, it will result in uneven lighting and shadows.

  • Lastly, choose a mirror cabinet with a thickness ranging from 12-20cm for durability.

When selecting a mirror cabinet, it is advisable to avoid choosing one that is too thick, as it may be difficult to install. It is recommended to opt for a mirror cabinet with a thickness ranging from 12 to 20cm.

A word of caution: while unwrapped mirrors offer a sophisticated and elegant look, they are prone to breakage during transportation and require special attention and care during use. For households with children, it is advisable to choose a mirror cabinet with a wrapped edge for enhanced safety.

Bathroom Cabinet


Before purchasing a bathroom cabinet, it's essential to carefully evaluate all the factors and select the option that best suits your needs. We trust that this guide will offer you a comprehensive framework for selecting your perfect bathroom cabinet.

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