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6 Clever Tips on Maximizing Bathroom Storage to Avoid Clutter

6 Clever Tips on Maximizing Bathroom Storage to Avoid Clutter

At the beginning of the New Year, are you still immersed in the joy of the holidays?  But I want to tell you, February is a great opportunity to tidy up your home.  Because when spring comes, people will spend more time outdoors, such as taking children to the park for a picnic, hiking, and so on. Therefore, in February before spring arrives, let's clean up the house in advance so that we will have enough energy and time to feel the warmth of the spring sun in March and enjoy the greenery everywhere.

When decluttering your house, the bathroom is a room that we often overlook. However, it is the most frequently used area in our daily lives and also the easiest place to accumulate dirt. Many of our daily necessities are stored here. If not cleaned up, it's easy for bacteria to grow, so bathroom storage and organization is very important. This article aims to provide tips for maximizing bathroom storage in order to create a clean and organized bathroom space.

bogo bathroom

6 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas to Utilize Space

Due to the relatively small size of the bathroom compared to all other rooms, and its high utilization rate, the bathroom can easily become cluttered. Therefore, the following tips will teach you how to create a tidy and clean bathroom space through reasonable storage.

#1 Make Full Use of the Under-Sink Space

In the early days, most of the bathroom vanities were designed as a combination of pedestals and washbasins, with no storage design. This led to a messy and unhygienic situation with cosmetics, skincare products, hairdryers, razors, etc. stacked on the countertop.

messy countertop
In this situation, you have the option of purchasing an under-sink cabinet to maximize the storage space beneath the sink, without the need to dismantle the existing pedestal sink. Alternatively, if you prefer a full renovation, you could choose a bathroom cabinet with an integrated sink to maintain a cohesive style.
under-sink bathroom cabinet

#2 Install an Over-the-Toilet Shelves/Cabinet

In a small bathroom, there is often no large vanity or medicine cabinet, so finding another place to store daily essentials is necessary. The empty wall above the toilet bowl is a perfect place to store toilet paper, towels, and cleaning products while keeping those essentials easily accessible.

Over-the-toilet cabinets or racks are ideal for people who have lots of stuff, as they usually have ample storage/display space and practical adjustable functions. For example, this Yaheetech Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Cabinet comes with 2 open shelves and an enclosed cabinet for organizing various items. The height of the lower shelf is adjustable to accommodate different items. It also includes an anti-tilting kit to secure it to the wall for safe use.

Yaheetech over-the-toilet cabinet

#3 Go for Hidden Storage

If you have a smaller bathroom, it’s better to opt for enclosed storage. By stashing away toiletries that are not worthy of display, your bath space will become less cluttered and appear larger.

The Yaheetech White Free-standing Floor Storage Cabinet offers diverse storage options and a compact size, making it versatile for your washroom as well as any other rooms in your house or apartment. It marries four drawers with cutout handles and one cupboard with a customizable shelf, allowing you to organize various-sized items such as cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and toilet paper. Furthermore, its simple design and clean white finish make it easy to match with the surrounding furniture you already have.


Yaheetech floor cabinet for bathroom

#4 Mirror and Storage, Combining Two Functions in One!

The countertop is a place we use almost every day, but it is also a "disaster area" for daily accumulation of bottles of makeup products, it's often a mess trying to find things; when faucet is turned on, water splashes around, wetting the items on the countertop.

Faced with this problem, the mirror cabinet is a good solution. You can store cosmetics, brushes, and toothpaste in the cabinet to reduce dust accumulation and keep the countertop clean and tidy. For a small bathroom, adding a few centimeters of thickness to the mirror can increase extra storage space-it's killing two birds with one stone!

bathroom mirror cabinet

#5 Maximize Each Inch with Narrow and Tall Floor Cabinets

Are there gaps between your vanity and toilet or between the toilet and bathtub?  a tall and slender bathroom floor cabinet can perfectly fit these gaps, which makes better use of the vertical space in your bathroom without wasting valuable floor space.   

This Yaheetech Freestanding Linen Cabinet seamlessly integrates open shelves and closed storage, featuring 3 open racks and a 2-tier cabinet. It provides ample space for towels, paper rolls, cutting accessories, detergent and more, all within a floor space of just 0.13㎡. The lower enclosed cabinet with a door and an adjustable shelf is versatile for keeping items of different heights, while also offering effective protection against dust and dirt.

Yaheetech tall linen cabinet

#6 Utilize Your Walls without Taking Up Floor Space  

Although we love the flexibility of floor cabinets, most of our bathrooms don't have much extra space to place multiple cabinets, which is where wall cabinets and shelves come in handy! Utilize the open wall space in the bathroom to keep essential items within reach and at eye level. The great thing about wall cabinets is that you don't have to bend down to get what you need, and they don't take up any floor space! 

This small black wall-mounted cabinet from Yaheetech is perfect for limited spaces. It comes with 2 movable shelves, making it ideal for storing shavers, creams, brushes, wash rags, hand towels, and other small items. You can hang it above the sink, toilet, or next to the mirror to add extra storage to your bathroom. The 2 storage shelves inside the cabinet can be adjusted to 6 different positions or removed entirely to fit larger items.

Yaheetech wall-mounted cabinet

What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Cabinets?

Concerning about creating a clean and organized bathroom, utilizing the proper bathroom cabinets and vanities is necessary. Here are some popular types of bathroom storage cabinets.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

The wall cabinets are usually attached to the blank wall and above the sink to store shavers, creams, brushes, toothpastes and accessories. The hanging design avoids direct contact with the ground, keep your stuff away from moisture and dirt. They often feature mirrored doors to facilitate everyday make-up and shaving.

Freestanding Cabinets

Bathroom floor cabinets are designed for holding towels and larger-sized essentials and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. They come in various shapes and sizes, offering ample storage space.

Medicine Cabinets

Designed for storing medicines and hygiene products, this kind of cabinet is usually installed above the sink for easy access to items like toothpaste, mouthwash, skincare products and more.

Under-Sink Cabinets

Under-sink bathroom cabinets are specifically crafted to optimize the space beneath the sink, offering storage for cleaning supplies, toiletries, cosmetics, and other necessities while concealing unsightly plumbing pipes. These cabinets can be either freestanding or wall-hung, and they are available in various sizes and designs to complement your bathroom decor.

Corner Cabinets

This kind of bathroom cabinet makes full use of corner areas and is great for making the most of your bathroom's space. They are always designed with a higher profile to double or triple storage capacity.

Linen Cabinets

A side linen cabinet is a shelved cupboard that may be used for additional storage of bathroom towels and toiletries. It is typically located near the vanity or sink to offer easy access to frequently used bathroom items.

Open Shelving Unit

Open shelves or bathroom carts are an inexpensive way to increase storage capacity in tiny or difficult places, such as next to a sink, bathtub, or toilet. They are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for holding towels, cleaning supplies, candles, and toilet paper. Because of the exposure to bathroom splashes and moisture, choose shelves or carts made of steel or plastic.

Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

Over-the-toilet storage is likely most important in compact places, hence many storage units may be too large for small toilet settings. Extra rolls of toilet paper, feminine items, razors, spare hand towels, soaps, shampoos, body wash, and any other shower materials are often stored in the over-the-toilet cabinet.

bathroom wooden cabinet

What Materials are Commonly Used for Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

Solid Wood: The solid wood bathroom cabinet is of high quality, sturdy and durable. Solid wood is natural, environmentally-friendly and pollution-free, with natural wood patterns for high aesthetics. However, it is expensive, with high requirements for production technology. Wood storage cabinets are also difficult to maintain because wood can expand as heat increases and as it absorbs moisture. In extreme cases, this expansion could cause some warping of the wood or cracks in a painted finish. A veneer or sealant may be necessary to prevent these issues. 

The following are the most popular wood species used to make solid wood bathroom cabinets, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Species



Birch Wood

· Strong

· High dimensional stability

· Resistant to dents and scratches

· Attractive wood grain

· Attracts moisture and is prone to cracks

· Not rot-resistant

· Requires regular maintenance


· Strong and durable

· Resistant to rot and decay

· Aesthetic Appeal

· Heat-resistant

· Difficult to find high-quality wood

· High cost


· Very dense and tough

· Rot-resistant

· Ideal for modern furniture

· Expensive


· Low-cost

· Easy to paint

· Features a rustic look

·Prone to scratches and dents


· Strong and durable

· Can take intricate carving

· Low moisture content, less prone to cracking and deformation

· Some may not like the variation from dark to light

· Expensive


· High availability

· Moderately durable

· Cheap

· Not resistant to moisture and insects

· Get dents and scratches easily

· Requires high maintenance


· Very strong and durable

· Water- and scratch-resistant

· Antimicrobial

· Holds stains well

· Rustic appeal

· Irregular color and grain patterns

· Expensive

· Requires high maintenance


· Easily available and affordable

· Straight and regular grain

· Affordable and availability

· Strong and shock-resistant

· Not suitable for outdoor use due to less rot resistance

· Tends to darken over time due to UV light and oxygen exposure

· Easily split

Manufactured Wood: Engineered wood bathroom cabinets are a cost-effective alternative to natural wood cabinets, which are made by binding wood shavings, sheets, and particles using a strong adhesive called resin. A thin layer of melamine is applied to manufactured woods, making them more resistant to moisture. They are also lightweight and easy to move around, but it's important to note that the resin adhesive used may release formaldehyde, which can lead to health problems. Additionally, engineered woods are less structurally sound, making them more vulnerable to scratches and dents.

Here are the most common types of engineered wood boards used for producing wooden bathroom cabinets, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Board Types




· Looks similar to solid wood

· High strength and durability

· Finished plywood is water-resistant

· High dimensional stability with re-

duced expansion and shrinkage

· Expensive than MDF

· Not naturally resistant to insects

· Easily peel off


· Low cost

· Nails hold easily

· Lightweight and renewable

· Can easily laminate

· Less dense and strong

· Poor water resistance

· Not suitable for heavy loads

· Can be toxic


· Has good density

· Holds better to hinges

· Cheaper than plywood

· Smooth surface

· Not as strong as plywood

· No water resistance

· Can be toxic

engineered wood types

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is one of the most durable and water-resistant choices for bathroom cabinets and organizers. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are heavy duty, resistant to heat and bacteria, and are subjected to water splashes, steam and dripping lotions for low maintenance. The only drawback is that it can’t match with many decor styles except minimalist or contemporary styles.

PVC: One of the biggest advantages for PVC bathroom cabinets is their good resistance to water, moisture and humidity. These cabinets are also relatively cheaper than those made of wood or metal. They are usually come in compact size to fit narrow nooks, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms. Thanks to its less strength and durability, you may use this type of cabinet for rented apartments or short-term usage.

I hope the above storage ieas can help you create a comfortable and tidy bathroom space. If you also have good bathroom storage ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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