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The Definitive Living Room Lounge Guide

The Definitive Living Room Lounge Guide

The living room lounge is our escape, our place to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. It’s where we make fond memories with our families, entertain our guests, get lost in a good novel and (let’s be honest) binge our favourite TV series!

In many homes, our living room lounge is used constantly, serving a variety of purposes in modern-day living and can even be the first space guests glimpse when entering our homes. This means it needs to look great to meet the living room lounge trifecta: function, comfort, and style.

With this in mind, how can we upgrade our living room lounge in 2023 to look fabulous, reflect our personalities and still be a great space to relax and unwind?

Let’s look at how we can rearrange, restyle and replace items within our living room to revive our interior instantly. But first, let’s examine some frequently asked questions about planning the perfect living room lounge.

  1. How to design a living room lounge?
  2. Which colours are best for a living room lounge?
  3. How should living room furniture be arranged?
  4. Can living room furniture be different colours?
  5. Do living rooms need area rugs?

After answering these questions, we’ll cover 20 methods to instantly transform your living room lounge and then the top 3 living room lounge trends in 2023. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to design a living room lounge?

Yaheetech Living Room Style

Knowing how to design a living room is essential. The living room lounge is at the centre of all our homes, a space used daily by each member of our households and the room where we greet and welcome guests. It might even be a space that serves many more uses than relaxing and entertaining.

The multifunctional use of this space and the hours we spend within the living room lounge demand that we carefully consider its design. In particular, the layout, furniture, flooring, and decorations need extra attention when creating this space to create a comfortable, welcoming, durable, and functional room.

Our 5 top tips to get you started:

  1. Look for inspiration
  2. Create a mood board
  3. Draft a plan
  4. Consider your budget
  5. List out the items you want and need

We recommend starting your living room lounge transformation by gathering inspirational imagery. Create a mood board; these are the ideal choice for discovering your style. You can create these on Pinterest or by collecting clippings from magazines and photographs of things you’ve seen. By creating a mood board, you’ll identify the similarities in colour and tone and the style of furniture and design aspects you like best, be it functionality or design-wise.

Then consider what can be tailored to work best in your space. Does wooden flooring with an area rug provide the best functionality for you, or would carpet work better? Do you need new furniture?  If you have a smaller room, are multifunctional furniture options going to work better for you? Do you have a large living room lounge? Then consider multiple seating areas to create a more dynamic and inviting feel.

With this in mind, take time to create a plan and draw the potential layouts of your room. Use graph paper or websites/apps to help you design an instant visual. Things to remember in this stage include:

  • Consider how the space is used. Does it comfortably accommodate all the occupants?
  • Is there space within your plan to cater to all the different activities?
  • Are the walkways clear? Does it avoid awkward passages around furniture?
  • Have you factored in storage? Where will your personal belongings go, such as toys, pet beds, books, games, accessories and more?
  • Think about the space you have available. Measure the dimensions of your room and potential furniture purchases.

Next, we recommend writing a list. Include all the items you need/want to create your new and improved living room lounge, from storage, shelving, paint, flooring, furniture, décor, and lighting.

Finally, consider your budget, get technical with numbers, and hone in on your goals and what is achievable within that budget. If you have a small budget to play with, consider upcycling existing furniture, moving furniture around from other rooms, or choose new pieces that are budget-friendly and multifunctional.

Which colours are best for a living room lounge?

Yaheetech Living Room Color Style

Choosing which colour is best for a living room lounge comes down to each individual’s style and taste. The colour you select will instantly change the look and feel of your living room lounge, and it is the easiest way to make a dramatic impact. Remember to order swatches and take your time to consider which colours work best for you.

Before getting started, let’s consider the benefits that different colour schemes will bring to your space.

Colours evoke feelings, and each varying hue brings with them different vibes. For example, choosing a light and airy colour pallet such as classic grey, cool blues, and tranquil greens will instantly make your space feel brighter, larger, and more spacious. Warm tones like creamy beige, chocolate browns, rustic reds or sandy tones bring energy.

Moody and decadent hues such as black, deep green and midnight blues evoke a luxurious and timeless feel.

Classic hues such as light grey, beige and off-white make the living room look crisper while infusing a calm and relaxing vibe.

As a rule, smaller interiors benefit from lighter colour pallets as they make the space seem larger. However, don’t shy away from a dark-colour pallet if you have a smaller space and enjoy rich or impactful colours. They remain the ideal choice for creating a cosy, intimate living room lounge and are an on-trend option. Consider including these deeper colourways as part of your accent walls or feature colours within your accessories and décor choices.

Remember that living room colour schemes don’t only apply to your walls. They extend to furniture, soft furnishings, window treatments, flooring, rugs, and accessories. So, when you’re choosing your new colour scheme, keep in mind that your colour pallet can extend across all these areas.

Four types of colour schemes form the principles for colour pallets used by designers, and these include the following:

Yaheetech Living Room Color Palette

  • Monochromatic Schemes: different shades of the same colour.
  • Analogue Schemes: made up of colours next to one another on the colour wheel. A primary, secondary and tertiary colour.
  • Complementary Colours: colours that use opposite shades of the colour wheel.
  • Triadic Schemes: use 3 different colours from 3 equidistant shades from the wheel.

How should living room furniture be arranged?

Yaheetech Living Room Example

What is your living room used for, and does it accommodate the daily needs of all the occupants regularly using the space? This is the most important factor to consider when deciding which furniture goes where.

For example, is your living room used for entertaining? Then you might choose to have several conversational seating areas. If the room is predominately used for watching television, you’ll want to consider comfortable furniture centred around this activity. Or is the living room used for the kids to do homework? If so, where will this activity take place? Perhaps if you’re an avid reader, you’ll need a comfy spot with lighting to read while others relax in front of the telly.

The main point is that identifying the different functions of the room will aid your decision on how to arrange the furniture and inform your choice on whether to invest in new items that accommodate the daily needs of the occupants regularly using the space.

Where is your focal point?

Where is your focal point within the room? Or where would you like this to be placed? This is the place eyes are instantly drawn to when entering the room. Think of it as your "crown jewel” in the room – it is your chance to make a statement and draw attention.

In most homes, the TV is the focal point of the room. The backdrop, shelving, and TV stand should all be considered together when accenting the focal point.

If your fireplace is the focal point, for instance, your furniture will be centred around this feature for a cosy and inviting feel. If your living room has a fireplace and TV zone, you will need to consider how to best accommodate these two focal points and if either is really more important than the other.

Is your living room lounge multifunctional, and does it service a variety of daily functions, such as eating, lounging, and reading? You’ll want to create separate areas within the space that accommodate each activity and properly handle each activity’s specific demands.

As an example, if you want to create a reading nook, you’ll want to ensure there’s sufficient lighting, whether artificial or natural, that shines upon the reading space. Or perhaps you are trying to make your living room lounge into a place to watch movies with the family – you’ll need to ensure there are plenty of spots to put popcorn, refreshments, and other snacks.

By considering the focal point(s) and activities for the space in advance, you’ll help guarantee that anyone’s time there is enjoyable and optimized for convenience.

Think about flow

 How are people entering and leaving the room? Is there easy access to seating and coffee tables without obstructions? This is the final principle for you to consider.

When arranging furniture in the living room, follow these steps.

  1. Always start with the largest piece of furniture, usually your sofa. Orientate this towards your focal point, usually the TV, fireplace, gallery wall or window.
  2. Next, place your smaller seating options, such as armchairs and accent chairs, around the largest piece of furniture.
  3. Fill the room with smaller items, such as ottomans, coffee tables, end tables and lamps, and adjust to taste based on how you imagine they’ll affect flow.
  4. Finish off the room by placing trinkets, magazines, TV remotes, and other small miscellaneous items so that they’re in easy reach and in relevant spots.

Contrary to popular belief, pushing all your furniture against the walls is not necessarily the best way to arrange your furniture. This approach can create an awkward space in the middle and in smaller rooms will highlight the room’s cramped dimensions. Take time to explore where items look best before making a permanent decision on the placement.

Make sure you plan the placement to accommodate all the items within the room. Draw out the potential layouts to visualise what works best.

Can living room furniture be different colours?

Yaheetech Living Room Furniture

The simple answer to this question is yes! Don’t be afraid to mix up colour and texture combinations. We encourage you to do just that. Some of the most luxurious and impactful interiors are filled with bespoke pieces and eye-catching elements that combine and contrast to create the perfect balance. What’s more, buying different furniture options isn’t restricted to bright contrasting colours. Mixing wooden furniture with other materials such as metals, marble, faux leather, and more all work well. You could even choose tonal furniture pieces of the same colour in varying hues.

There are a few points to consider before marching off and buying a complete mismatch of items, and this all comes back to your plan. The style you’re trying to achieve and the colour pallet you have chosen will help determine your unique furniture choices.

Here are our 3 top tips to consider:

  1. Have a common denominator. Whether through style, material type or silhouette, a common thread will help make the selection feel curated rather than chaotic.
  1. Sofas and armchairs are at the head of any living room lounge design. Whether you get a matching set or mix it up, this will be a crucial choice. In times past, a carefully curated set of matching armchairs and sofas was the go-to for most households. However, having matching elements can have a dated air, whereas choosing distinct, non-matching pieces provide the opportunity to create a room with character. A couch and armchair that differ in style can create a more dynamic interior, allowing the interplay of different colours & textures whilst making the living room more decoratively rich.
  1. Think contrast. If you’re choosing different furniture pieces in light colours such as white, light grey, or beige, consider placing these around your accent feature wall, which could be painted a rich deep blue or green. This will make your furniture choices stand out. Pull the colour from the walls and include this within an accent chair, armchair or accessories in a similar hue to your wall paint. Contrast wooden accents with steel or aluminium for a contemporary feel.

Do living rooms need area rugs?Yaheetech Living Room Decor

A common question that crops up when creating a living room lounge is about the necessity of an area rug.

 There is no denying that living room rugs can make a beautiful addition to your space. Decorative and practical, they can work as a feature piece within the room, creating different zones and protecting the flooring. They are an ideal option to add colour, comforting texture & warmth underfoot.

 However, rugs are not for everyone. You may feel that an area rug isn’t for you, that it doesn’t fit within your living room plan or you simply don’t need one.

 If you’re on the fence, here are a few ways a living room lounge can benefit from an area rug.

  • Protects your flooring: Whether you have wooden flooring, laminate or carpet, a large area run can help to protect these surfaces from daily wear and tear, especially within places of high traffic flow.
  •  Adds a feeling of cosiness and warmth: One of the main advantages of investing in a rug or two is the feeling of warmth and comfort. Rugs are often made from natural fibres such as wool or cotton, which can help insulate your space. The soft texture underfoot will only make your living room lounge feel more comfortable, warming, and inviting.
  •  Helps create different zones: If your lounge is used for multiple activities or you have an open-plan living space where one room rolls into another, rugs can help to segment these spaces and are a handy tool when planning the zones in your living room lounge layout ideas.
  • Introduces pattern and colour: If you’re keeping the walls minimalist, the perfect way to add colour and pattern is via an area rug. An area rug can complete your well-designed room and enhance the furniture choices within the room. Or you can choose a contrasting rug to create an accent feature within the living room.

20 methods to instantly transform your living room lounge

Now that we’ve covered some commonly asked questions, it’s time to look at 20 fantastic methods and ideas to transform your space, including simple updates that make a big difference and styles you might want to consider.

  1. Rearrange your furniture: small changes with big impact
  2. Change the backdrop
  3. Add style with a gallery wall
  4. Attract attention with an accent chair
  5. Swap the cushions for an instant update
  6. Update your window treatments for the wow factor
  7. Work in a new accent colour – without paint
  8. Be bold with block colours
  9. Create an eye-catching centrepiece with a coffee table
  10. Invite nature in
  11. Display art on shelving
  12. Hang mirrors
  13. Invest in a new rug
  14. Mix up textures for ultimate comfort
  15. Invest in a bookcase or two
  16. Add ambience with lighting
  17. Pick multi-functional furniture
  18. Make the most of awkward spaces
  19. Welcome simplicity with Skandi living
  20. Embrace natural materials – wood, stone, wool, linen, rattan

    1. Rearrange your furniture: small changes with big impact

      Yaheertech Living Room Furniture Collection

      Arranging furniture is sometimes daunting, but layout is crucial to the living room lounges’ comfort and function. If you’re looking for minimal spending with big impact, start by rearranging your space.

       If you have a large living room lounge, consider creating conversational, comfortable seating areas, for example by facing two sofas toward one another and placing a coffee table in the centre. You could also create a separate conversation area using a side table and accent chairs.

       For smaller lounges, choose multifunctional or modular furniture. You could incorporate a lift-top coffee table or a storage sofa to maximize the area you have remaining for other items. Accent chairs or love seats paired with an ottoman can double up as additional seating for further space-saving.

       Regardless of the size of your living room lounge or the type of furniture you want in it, bear in mind symmetry. “Symmetry makes everything easier on the eye, and it’ll automatically make the space feel orderly and calm,” comments interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke.

      2. Change the backdrop

      Whether you create a feature wall by panelling, adding a splash of colour or simply going from bold to minimalist, changing your backdrop is a sure way to refresh your living room lounge. And the best bit is, it doesn’t have to be pricy.

      • Create a stunning feature wall by simply adding a splash of colour; a fresh coat of paint, introducing new artwork or via a wall mural
      • Unleash your inner designer and get creative with DIY panelling
      • Add texture to your walls or pattern with some trendy wallpaper
      • Consider adding artificial boxwood
      • Transform your room entirely with a custom media wall

      3. Add style with a gallery wall

      Yaheetech Living Room Gallery Wall

      Is any home complete without a trendy gallery wall? What better place to add a touch of style and personality than upgrading your living room lounge with a beautiful collection of prints, photographs, and artwork? Gallery walls are an inviting touch to any space, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase the things you love, from art, typography, and family portraits. You could even display ceramics!

      Not sure where to start? There are two options for creating your gallery wall. You could:

      1. Create a gallery wall using prints, art and photographs you already have at home or purchase new ones to suit, mixing them to create your bespoke gallery.
      2. Or you could buy a curated set of framed wall art prints. These are often themed; you can choose any theme, from botanical to pop art. The choice is yours.

           4. Add interest with an accent chairYaheetech Living Room Accent Chair

      Use accent chairs to create different zones within your living room lounge like a space to snuggle, a reading corner or a coffee spot. With a wide variety to choose from, add a pop of colour or invite texture with an on-trend teddy chair. Create a conversational spot for entertaining with a pair of matching accent chairs and mix and match with a coffee table or side table for a luxurious statement in your living room lounge.

       Accent chairs are a designer favourite, the perfect piece to fill empty and awkward corners while adding a focal point to your space. They also provide the opportunity to add patterns or colour in a way that isn’t intimidating.

      5. Swap the cushions for an instant update

      Yaheetech Living Room Cushion
      For those looking to update your living room lounge without the costly expense of an entirely new sofa set, applying some simple new soft furnishings such as throws, cushions and rugs will instantly revive your old furniture and create a renewed love for old items. You’ll be surprised at how impactful a few new decorative cushions in contrasting or harmonious colourways can be at adding an instant pop of refreshing colour to your space.

      Accessorizing with throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to inject some style into your living room lounge, and with so many affordable, pretty pillows available, it’s a shame to play it safe with only one or two cushions. If you’re worried about overdoing it and having too many variations, consider the rule of three: three colours, one colour & two patterns, or three varying sizes. The mixture you can achieve simply by sticking to the rule of three will give you infinite variations but still keep conformity to your living room lounge.

      Not sure which colours to choose? Pull the hues from your room, walls, sofas, and artwork, and apply these colours to your cushion cover choices to instantly tie in your new colour theme. Or if your room has a muted colour theme, consider adding a pop of colour and using the cushions to add depth, from deep greens to oceanic blues or inviting blush tones. Choose pillows with a variety of patterns and textures to add a truly sumptuous feel.

      6. Change window treatments for the wow factor

      Yaheetech Living Room Curtain
      When it comes to choosing a new window treatment, the options are endless.
      Choose from plain or patterned curtains, drapery, blackout blinds, roman blinds, or shutters, to name a few.

      When choosing the window treatment for your living room lounge, be mindful of what will complement your space without overshadowing your design.

      Consider asking, for instance, what is your room lacking? Do you need more light or are you in need of more privacy? Especially with window treatments being, in most cases, expensive (especially if you’re choosing quality that lasts), whatever your choice, we recommend choosing a timeless option that you’ll remain satisfied with for several years.

      For extra help choosing the type of window treatment you want, if any at all, consider the words of world-renowned manufacturer of window coverings and architectural products, Hunter Douglas: Before making your final selection, think about your light, privacy and energy-efficiency requirements as well as your views. If you have amazing views, you may want blinds with larger slats, or shades that completely retract into the headrail. If you look directly into your neighbour’s home, you may want to consider a sheer that brings light in but doesn’t draw attention to your less-than-perfect view.

      7. Work in a new accent colour – without paint

      Yaheetech Living Room Contrast Style

      What is an accent colour? An accent colour is a supplementary colour that typically contrasts or complements other colours used within the room.

      Let’s take a moment to consider our example living room in the picture on the left, which features earthy ochre tones within the furniture that blend and contrast with the accent colour of green, which has been weaved in via cushions, plants, and throws. The accent colour in this example balances the muted tones from the brick feature wall with the sumptuous velvet sofa and calming wall paint, thereby adding a sprinkle of greenery and freshness to the room.

      While painting an accent wall is a sure way to add an accent feature, as seen in our example, it’s not the only way to establish a continuous theme and harmonious aesthetic. Let’s look at other ways to weave in an accent colour to your space.

      • Accent cushions & throws: The perfect starting point for adding in your ideal accent colour without painting the walls. Available in endless colours, textures, and sizes.
      • Rugs: Choose a statement rug, big, plain, or patterned. Perfect for homes looking for a large impact without painting the walls.   
      • Wall art or contrasting frames: Use your artwork to tie in your accent colour, or for monochromatic art, consider bright frames. You could even upcycle existing picture frames to blend with your new aesthetic.
      • Accent chair: Accent chairs are an on-trend option for adding colour and an additional focal point to any room. With a wide variety of colours and textures available, there’s an accent chair to suit every style and taste.
      • Room accessories: From plants to candles and trinkets, find unique pieces that add to your colour scheme, choose tonal or contrasting accessories in varying sizes, and apply the rule of 3 when styling.

       8. Be bold with block colours

      Yaheetech Living Room Contrast Color

      Create captivating areas within your living room lounge by implementing block colours. This is the perfect idea for people who want to do something a little more interesting than simply painting the walls. You could create a colour block framing a home office spot in the lounge, a seating area, a fireplace, or a doorway and extend the colour block from wall to ceiling. Colour blocking is such a fun way to reinvent your space, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create a whole new vibe in your living room lounge while making a statement.

      According to Dulux’s “6 ways to work colour blocking at home”, when it comes to colour blocking any surface can act as the perfect canvas:

      Getting right back to basics, colour blocking is simply combining a variety of different colours in one area. This creates a bold statement, but it also highlights special features of your home and instantly enlivens a bland space without the need for wall hangings. Anything can act as a canvas for block painting colours, including window recesses, trims, doors, and furniture.

      9. Create an eye-catching centrepiece with a coffee table

      Yaheetech Living Room Coffee Table


      From large living rooms to smaller lounges, the coffee table is a statement piece that fits perfectly in a cosy conversational area by combining style, functionality and convenience. If the centre of your living room lounge lacks lustre, there are so many beautiful, affordable coffee tables on the market.

      Does your lounge lack storage space? If so, consider the functionality of your coffee table. Does it provide ample storage space? Or does it take up more space than you have available? A lift-top coffee table, for example, is a great multifunctional piece of furniture to resolve storage issues, all while providing a fashionable and clean finish.

      For a statement coffee table, consider choosing materials such as marble, metal or wood that stand out against your soft furnishings. Once you’ve found the one you love, create a centrepiece by choosing unique décor to accessorise for maximum impact!

      10. Invite nature in

      Living Room Plants

      A cheap and easy way to instantly update your living room lounge with life is to add plenty of house plants.

      Not only will these add colour, but they will also inject a new lease of life into your space (literally). Place plants on shelving and hang them from the ceiling for a boho vibe. Position them in planters and stands dotted around the room for an inviting and stylish look.

      Larger potted plants such as monstera, sansevieria, and kenita palms are popular choices, while cacti and succulents are easy maintenance and perfect for shelving. Aloe vera, golden pothos & devil’s ivy are the ideal choice for hanging plants.
      Yaheetech Living Room Plants

      For an on-trend look, consider investing in a terrarium. Or make your own. These popular tropical gardens bottled in glass of varying shapes and sizes are easy to maintain and bring the wow factor. If plant maintenance is not your forte… not to worry, they’re loads of artificial options available, allowing you to go bold with greenery without worrying about watering.

      11. Display art on shelving

      Yaheetech Living Room Shelving

      Not a fan of bold block colours, panelling or media walls? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to add style and focal points to your living room lounge without breaking the bank, and they’ll completely transform your space. After all, picture walls aren’t for everyone. Some find the trending gallery wall overwhelming and cluttered.

      Instead, optimise shelving from bookcases, picture rails and floating shelves to incorporate art in your living room lounge.

      You don’t have to be an art curator or even have an eye for graphic prints. Find pieces that say something to you, about you and are true to your style. They might even be pieces that directly complement your new lounge décor.

      A great way to grab attention is by mixing new and old. Art comes in many forms, so don’t be afraid to create some of your own bespoke pieces.

      Here are some easy DIY hacks to create artwork for your shelving:

      • Use deep frames to display objects of sentimental value
      • Print out a common family phrase or saying you love
      • Create your own layered handprint piece for a sentimental keepsake original to you
      • Leftover wallpaper? Frame it!
      • Secret collector: why not display your beloved collections in a frame?

      Sprucing up your shelving is an easy and cost-effective option to fill empty spaces and add pizazz to your living room lounge. Try this approach and some others from the list for a quick, easy makeover!

      12. Hang mirrors

      Yaheetech Living Room Hanging Mirror
      Hanging mirrors can change the energy, look, and feel of your space. From large living room lounges to smaller, compact rooms, mirrors are not only an aesthetic choice but a practical one too. They work wonders for the proportions of any space, fabricating the illusion of a bigger, brighter area.

      Here are a few options for decorating your space with mirrors:

      1. Create a feature wall, bouncing the light around the room and creating the facade of a roomier space.
      2. Decorate your mantelpiece! A stunning fireplace mantle deserves to be dressed. Put a mirror on top of it, find the perfect reflection and showcase it. Place the mirror to enhance views within the room, reflecting your outdoor views or highlighting a point of interest.
      3. Mirrors in a unique shape or finish work well. Consider an antique finish for a touch of luxury.
      4. Elongate your space with a large, long wall mirror or create the illusion of a third window by placing a mirror between two windows.

        However you decide to incorporate a mirror into your home, the illusion of space and reflection of light will benefit any type of space.

        13. Invest in a new rug

        Yaheetech Living Room Decor

        Investing in a new rug can do wonders for your space, from covering old carpet to adding warmth and comfort underfoot on wooden and laminate flooring. And the styles available are plentiful. Welcoming a rug to your living space will create a comfy, inviting vibe while doubling up as extra protection for your flooring.

        “A rug can add the perfect finishing touch to your living room,” say Jen and Mar from Interior Fox.

        In their eyes, a rug is a great way to glue the room together:

        “It pulls the scheme together and helps to zone a space when working with a larger room. And don’t be afraid to maximize: the bigger the rug, the better in our opinion. A large rug will create maximum comfort underfoot while adding warmth and texture to wooden floors.”

        14. Mix up textures for ultimate comfort

        Yaheetech Living Room Style

        If your goal is to create a cosy living room lounge where you and your family, friends and guests can feel instantly relaxed, layering textures is an excellent choice.

        Start by layering your soft furnishings with throws & accent cushions. Consider the choice of fabrics and mixture of textures you introduce. Chunky knit throws, faux fur cushions, bouche fabric on accent chairs or ottomans, deep thick wool rugs for extra comfort underfoot – providing variety in textures can lend to comfort and a good vibe in your living room lounge.

        Layering rugs on top of one another can sound chaotic, but styled correctly with contrasting fabrics, you’ll implement a sumptuous feel. This approach works especially well if you have a large area rug in jute or sisal; add a further layer of comfort with cotton, fur, or polyester.

        Consider including soft accents within your accessories, such as pampas or fox gloves, mixed with calming neutrals and patterns. This style has a serene and comforting feel while still maintaining a very neutral colour pallet.

        15. Invest in a bookcase or two

        Living Room Book Shelf

        Lack of storage is a common problem in all our homes. Unwanted clutter builds up, and it happens to the best of us!

        Overcrowded shelves, brimming bookcases and overflowing storage cabinets can cause a room to look messy and hinder your plans for a stylish living room lounge.

        So, before you start arranging the new layout of your living room lounge, make sure you’ve decluttered your space and thought about what items you can buy to best home all your favourite items (and books of course).

        And if you need a little extra guidance on organization, you can check out Yaheetech’s complete kitchen organization guide. Although it’s directed at another part of the home, a lot of the same fundamental organization concepts are relevant for any space.

        Coming back to the living room lounge, by investing in quality storage such as bookcases and shelving units, you can display and organise your items while creating a beautiful feature wall and the space you need to store more stuff!

        Make storage a key feature with oversized shelving, floating shelves, bookcases, ladder shelving, sideboards and more. These items, when beautifully accessorised, will look fabulous. Group books together in size and shape, and add framed prints, photographs, candles, vases, house plants and more. Spend time placing items, step back and consider if the orientation works, and once you’re satisfied, move on to the next shelf!

        16. Add ambience with lighting

        Yaheetech Living Room Lightening

        Lighting is key in any room within your home. A light can change the atmosphere, mood, warmth, and general feel of a space.

        The style you choose for your living room lounge will help inform the decisions on what type of lighting best suits you and the occupants using the space.

        If you’re creating zones within your living room lounge and need an area for reading, homework for the children, or an area for study, you’ll likely include task lighting. If your living room lounge is a relaxing retreat, ambient, softer lighting choices may be applied. With this in mind, let’s look at the lighting types available and their functions:

        1. Ambient lighting mimics natural daylight and can be achieved with lamps, wall lights and pendants to create natural pools of light.
        2. Task lighting is a focused light such as downlights, desk lamps and reading lamps.
        3. Accent lighting is created with spotlights, downlights and uplights and can be used to highlight artwork within the room or to create zoned pools of light.

        The type of lighting you choose, and you may well select one from each lighting type, will ultimately alter the atmosphere in the room. You may decide to have spotlights with a dimmer switch and have table lamps around the room to highlight different areas, or you may choose to have wall lights for a softer approach, with a large pendant for impact.

        Light bulbs make a significant difference, too. Some light bulbs give off radiant, nearly blinding light, whereas others are dim and “low key”. Nowadays some light bulbs can change colours via an app on your phone.

        Whatever choice you make, carefully consider the lighting fixture itself and the light bulbs you purchase. Although this decision is often left to the last minute, we assure you, if you plan your living room lounge in advance, the correct lighting can make all the difference on the impact and functionality of the room.

        17. Pick multifunctional furniture

        Yaheetech Living Room Sofa

        Living room lounges serve a variety of needs daily and need to be optimized to handle this demand. This is where multifunctional furniture is the ideal choice, especially if you have a smaller space. It’s not a pleasant feeling when rooms are cluttered and cramped with furniture. Multifunctional furniture is a great way to save space, clear clutter, and achieve a minimalist look while serving a variety of uses.

        For example, nestled side tables are great for adding additional surface space and an ideal choice for space saving when not in use. Another fabulous option for secret storage and space saving is ottomans, which double up as additional seating when needed, provide a hidden storage spot, and can be moved easily around the room to suit your daily requirements.

        Sofa beds, a.k.a. futons, are a comfortable and versatile seating option and an ideal choice for those looking for an extra sleeping spot when inviting guests to stay, all while avoiding the storage and manual labour of a blow-up mattress. As our families grow, any spare rooms soon get utilised and storage becomes limited, thus leaving little to no room for guests to stay. This is where the sofa bed comes into play.

        Being smart when choosing your furniture and considering choices that provide a multitude of purposes will save space and money and help your room better accommodate daily needs and occupants.

        18. Make the most of awkward spaces

        Yaheetech Living Room Storage

        Awkward spaces in the living room can be an opportunity to create an impact, with plenty of design ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, to name a few. Get inspired and consider how you can incorporate these tricky corners into your living room lounge.

        While they may seem “unusable,” there are actually plenty of ways to incorporate them well into your home.

        You could create a custom-built storage unit or media wall. If that’s a little out of your renovation budget, you could introduce a block colour to highlight the space, a gallery wall, or use mirrors to bounce light back into your room.

        You could even create a reading nook with a beautiful accent chair, reading lamp and side table.

        Sometimes awkward spaces are the gift that keeps giving. The custom media wall in the picture to the left has taken a small and seemingly unusable space and created an impactful solution that combines storage and style all in one.

        19. Welcome simplicity with Skandi living

        Yaheetech simple style

        Skandi living continues to be one of the most on-trend styles for home décor. This style is closely related to hygge (the Danish word for cosiness) and is centre stage when making choices for Skandi-style living. A living room lounge with touches of Skandi living is sure to be a big hit and instantly transform your home.

        Choose tranquil, comforting, light, and airy colours with accents of natural materials while welcoming a variety of textures. Skandi design welcomes simplicity; think minimalist, practical and comfortable. Choose soft and subtle shades for your paint choices instead of the more vibrant colour choices discussed earlier in the article. If you want only a small touch of colour, invite it in with accessories or tonal accents such as wood, stone or house plants.

        20. Embrace natural materials

        Yaheetech Accent Chair(Source:

        Natural elements within interior design and furniture design continue to trend as we enter 2023. They prove to be a popular choice with interior designers. Natural elements such as wood, stone, wool, linen, rattan, and leather add layers of texture, points of interest and can combine in harmony if tastefully chosen.

        Our top 3 trends to look out for in 2023

        In this final section of the article, we’ll look at ways you can revitalize your living room lounge with some of the latest trends. We’ll cover these 3:

        1. 80’s inspired curves are back
        2. Bold & unexpected colour combinations
        3. Adopting a mindful design approach

        80’s inspired curves are backCurve Sofa

        Curved furniture design, lighting, and accessories have returned! This is the number 1 trend we see growing in 2023. The look of the 80s is a trend that can effortlessly bring bold and playful character into your home along with some natural charm.

        The ultimate statement piece for this trend is curved seating. A curved sofa is synonymous with 80s couture and has fast become one of the favourite styles on the Pinterest scene. The curved lines are enough to create a statement piece while sparking conversation with the person next to you. They quickly adopted the name “conversational sofas” for how they encourage socialising and conversation.

        Bouche fabric is commonly paired with this curvaceous style of furniture. The luxurious, comforting fabric, paired with the soft lines of the curved furniture combines to create a truly sumptuous, inviting vibe in any space. It’s perfect for the living room lounge striving for maximum comfort.

        Another way to implement retro style into your home is by investing in a curved coffee table or round side tables to create a harmonious flow. This is particularly significant when styling a living room with a curved sofa. The straight lines of a square coffee table will likely disturb the soft spaciousness the sofa brings to the room.

        Finally, consider investing in curved lighting and embellishments that complement your newly adopted style. Now you know – 80’s curves are back! With this in mind, now you’ll be sure to notice a whole host of furniture, accessories, and lighting options available in a range of curvaceous shapes, bouche fabrics and bold colours.

        Bold & unexpected colour combinations

        Yaheetech living room with a bold color

        Colour confidence is bringing new energy into interiors in 2023. This colourful living room trend offers a new lease of life to your space. But don’t worry – we aren’t suggesting you must paint the entire space bright red! This trend is more about playful colour combinations or statement furniture using bold colours. Think outside the box and inject your unrestrained personality into the room.

        Try using a smidgen of colour against a neutral backdrop or a combination of colours within the same hue/colour. For example, you could have green walls with fabrics in various shades of green. Or blue walls and fabrics in hues of the same shade. These colour combinations will look stunning and add depth to your space. You could even add some accent colours in these examples (like yellow or burnt orange) to provide an additional dose of colour and contrast.

        A carefully considered clash of colours can provide just as much impact. Green and pink, blue and orange – essentially, taking colours from opposite ends of the colour wheel to create tailored colour combinations. To ensure balance, select neutral tones to offset your bold colour choice. Carefully curate your living room lounge into an idyllic space for socialising and relaxation, choosing colour combinations that enliven and comfort you.

        Inject colour through painted shelving or built-in storage, combining patterns with tonal accents. The options are limitless.

        What this new and trending living room lounge theme avoids is the practice of drenching the walls in a bright and airy hue. Whilst we still love this option, we are excited to see another living room lounge trend arrive on the scene. However, if the bold and unexpected colour combinations of trend #2 are not for you, our final trend might be right up your alley.

        Adopt a mindful design approach

        Mindful Set

        Designing our homes “mindfully” has become increasingly popular, and we foresee this trend continuing to impact design choices within our homes and interior styles in 2023. Over the past few years, we have all spent more time at home, experiencing first-hand how drastically our spaces can affect our mind, body and spirit. Society has started to think more about feelings and atmosphere in the home as opposed to just what items are there.

        The mindfulness trend applied to living spaces can be seen in a big way on Pinterest, with pinned posts relating to this concept increasing by 248%. With celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Opera Winfrey, to name but a few, practising mindfulness and meditation, it’s only natural that this new trend will spread across our homes.

        But how do you implement a more mindful approach to decorating your living room lounge?

        Start by viewing the space as a whole. Remove any unnecessary distractions and think minimalist. You want to imagine airy, open, light and tranquil vibes. Choose natural and soft elements to furnish the room, with dimmed lighting to evoke a spiritual and calming atmosphere.

        Include earthy colour tones like ochre and soft tonal colours in a creamy beige, tranquil greys, and off-whites. Select accessories made from natural materials, fabrics & plants. Consider how you can use items you already have to change the atmosphere within the room. For example, bring a new lease of life to shelving by changing the accessories, mixing new and old belongings, and removing unwanted clutter.

        And finally, allow for a zone within the living room that is void of technology and the hectic presence of the digital world. Sometimes hyper-connectivity can make us incapable of finding tranquillity.


         We’ve covered quite a lot of ground about living room lounges. It’s clear – there is so much you can do to renovate your living room lounge, whether you pay for it or not. Under the guidance of the suggestions and trends above, you’ll be able to take your home to the next level!

        If you’re looking for fantastic furniture for your living room lounge makeover, you can check out Yaheetech’s assortment.

        Is there anything else you’d like to know about living room lounges? How do you plan to upgrade or update your living room lounge? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

        If you’ve got any Yaheetech products in your living room lounge, be sure to let us know and tag us on Instagram @yaheetech_official and @yaheetechuk! We’d love to see and share how they’ve helped you improve your home!

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