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How to Choose a Dog Pool?

How to Choose a Dog Pool?

Many dogs are born swimmers, but few places will embrace them to have a nice swim, and not every dog owner is lucky to live by the sea or the lake.

“Swimming” the dog now and then turns out unlikely to achieve.

Thanks to our human’s fantastic creativity, the invention of dogs’ exclusive pool can be well used to achieve this little wish.

In today’s market, there are many dog-customized swimming pools in different sizes, materials, and for various purposes, aiming at meeting dogs’ needs from all aspects based on their various sizes and specific situations.

Next, I’ll discuss all your options here, and provide reference suggestions on how to choose the most suitable dog pool for your beloved puppy friends.



5 reasons why your dog needs a pool

Some people might think that daily walking can satisfy a puppy’s basic exercise requirement, is it really necessary to purchase a swimming pool? -While, the truth is, yes, and it is an absolutely worthwhile investment.


Exercise - Just like walking or running, swimming or paddling in the water is another great way to do exercise for your dogs. It asks the dog to constantly exert force, stretch all four legs while cooperating the 4-leg harmoniously. It will greatly promote dogs’ physical coordination and relax their muscles due to the buoyancy of the water.


Besides, dogs are born swimmers, many of them particularly like water. Swimming can arouse the swimmer in their genes. The moment jumping into the water is the most stirring moment for your beloved puppies in a day.



Mentally Cheering Up – Along with people’s extending working hours and increasing life stress, the time puppies are locked alone in the cage or room is also prolonging simultaneously.


Lacking stimulation from outside and certain exercise, dogs tend to get emotional issues, correspondingly, some behavioral problems will arise, such as scratching and biting furniture, behaving indifferent to people, or acting no response to owners’ instructions.


Having their pool and going swimming now and then can effectively release such issues. Because just like humans, curious and always eager to experience new things, puppies also want to receive all kinds of new information from this world and long for something new.


Compared with walking or running, swimming can be a brand new experience. Both their emotion and body can be fully satisfied. As for humans, what can be more gratifying than having a healthy, lively, lovely, interactive puppy?




Good for Older Dogs or Dogs with Health Issue – Swimming, a non-weight bearing exercise, is a kind of low-level sport that does not cause too much pressure on a dog’s body, especially on their joints, which is perfect for pups who are overweight or have joint problems. 

Walking or running may not suitable for dogs in such situations, since they may unable to withstand strenuous exercise, while, swimming 1-2 hours a day can not only relax their muscles and joints but also add a certain amount of exercise without posing extra pressure to their body, which is healthy and safe.


Cool Relief in Scorch Summer Days –With the high temperatures and their thick fur coat, the puppies are very likely to have health issues on hot summer days, such as heatstroke.

Dog’s sweat glands are mainly distributed on their tongues and feet, and their fur is mainly for heat preservation, which means, the regions on the puppy's body working for heat dissipation are very limited, while their skin, covered by fur, barely has heat dissipation function.

Especially for some breeds from cold regions, such as Samoyed and Old English Sheepdog, the summer is even suffering for them. In such circumstances, taking a bath or swimming in water can make them feel a lot better, and their wet fur will make them feel fresh and cool for a while.




Used for Bath Time – Sometimes, it might be messy and troublesome to bathe your dog in the bathtub or by showerhead, as some dogs may not like taking bath in the narrow space and will thus struggle. Every time the battle ends, the dog hair can be seen everywhere, and the bathwater is splashed all around, making the whole space difficult and time-wasting to clean.

A dog pool can well improve such a situation. You can place the pool anywhere you like, such as in the yard or on the grass in front of the door, which can prevent the water from splashing on the ground or wall so that to accelerate the whole cleanup process. You can also put some yellow rubber ducks in the bathtub while bath if they like, to distract their attention, improving the efficiency of the whole process.



In addition to all the above-mentioned reasons why it is necessary for puppies to have their own pools, the essence of this discussion is about how to make our loyal family members much happier and healthier.

Many dogs never had the opportunity to play in the pool or even in the water due to geographical or traffic reasons, they have no idea how excellent swimmers they are and how happy playing in water they would be. Giving your furry family members a chance to play in the water is reason enough!


Different Dog Pool: Finding the Perfect Pool

In the market, there are 4 common types of dog pools, which feature various sizes, shapes, materials, functions and ways to use. Next, I’ll show you how they work and what kind of dogs are they suitable for.


Folding Swimming Pools 


The folding dog pool is the most popular dog pool style in the market. It is characterized as portable, foldable and easy to store.

This kind of dog pool can get prepared to use in a few minutes, without needing assembly or inflation, and can be folded into a small piece for convenient storage and carry.


A drain plug is arranged on the outside sidewall near the bottom, facilitating people to drain or change the water.

It is usually made of PVC, skin-friendly, and tear-scratch resistant.

Besides, in consideration of dogs’ various body sizes, 4 sizes are provided, M, L, XL, XXL, which can basically meet the needs of all common family-raised breeds.

This folding dog pool can work as more than a pool. It can also work as a pet bathtub. 

We recommend using it in the yard, on the grass in front of the door or in a room with a drain.




Applicable Body Size

Applicable Breed





100 x 30 cm/

39.4 x 11.8 in



<76 cm


French Bulldog




120 x 30 cm/

47.2 x 11.8 in


71-91 cm

Austrian Shepherd






140 x 30 cm/

55 x 11.8 in



94-107 cm

Golden Retriever


German Shepherd



160 x 30 cm/

63 x 11.8 in


90-109 cm

Great Dane

Saint Bernard



Plastic Pools


Plastic dog pool is another common type in the market.

This kind of dog pool is usually made of PP and is designed to be collapsible as well. However, unlike the folding dog pool which is made of PVC, it cannot be folded into that small piece.

Besides, it also comes with a drain plug near the bottom, enabling people to drain the bathwater without tile.   

It should be noted that the plastic dog pool is mainly suitable for a pup or small-breed dogs, such as Poodle and Bichon Frise.


Inflatable Dog Pools


An inflatable dog pool serves as another option.Just like most of the foldable dog pools, it is made of PVC.

This kind of dog pool also comprises a drain plug for quick draining.

Since every time using, inflation is required, many people prefer the folding ones.

However, the price of an inflatable dog pool is usually lower than other dog pools. Therefore, if your budget is limited, or you just don’t want to spend too much money on a dog pool, then, an inflatable one can be a good choice.



Splash Sprinkler Pad Dog Pool


Comparing with the above-mentioned 3 dog pools, a splash sprinkler pad dog pool can be very special. Because of its appearance, it is more like a pad than a pool.

This swimming pool features a concave inner surface with a certain depth and a water splashing function.

To be more specific, before using, a user should fill water into this pad by its inlet, then, under a certain pressure, the water will eject from the microspores spreading on the poolside toward the pad center.

An in-service splash sprinkler will just look like a fountain. A dog can stay on the pad and let its hair get wet.

This pad can serve as a paddling pool on the grass or in the yard, or as a bathtub. To be noticed, it is not suitable for swimming, as it is not deep enough.

This splash sprinkler pad is also made of PVC, the same as the material of the folding dog pool, skin-harmless and tear& scratch-resistant.

Its size is large enough to accommodate a dog in different sizes.



If you’ve made up your mind and decide to get a pool for your 4-leg family member, here are some tips about which factors you need to pay attention to when choosing a dog pool.


Durability is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. The material decides how long can it lasts. Besides, trimming dogs’ nails before using is very necessary. After all, there is no such kind of material that is indestructible. 


Materials to Consider

Polyurethane: excellent at withstanding heavy-duty, giant paws

PVC: sturdy and flexible, excellent for foldable pools

Polypropylene (PP): lightweight, heavy-duty, usually used for plastic pools 



The size of the dog pool is also a very important factor that you must consider. Besides, you also need to think about what function you want the pool to realize, swimming or just lying in to cool off?

If you want your dog to paddle in it, then one that much larger than your puppy might be suitable; and if you just want to use it as a bathtub or want your puppy to lie in and cool off, then a smaller one is enough.

Many dog pools come in multiple sizes, so it’s easier to choose a suitable one for your dog.


Easy Access and Out

One concern is whether it is easy for your puppy to get in and out of the pool.

Large dogs can step out or hop over the pool. However, if your dog is in small size, you might need to install steps or a ramp for them.



Just like all the other dog supplies, aiming at facilitating puppies’ life, add ingtheir happiness and improving their health standard, the dog pool boasts its practicality and thoughtful design, and thus turns out to be another necessity in a dog’s life. If you have any ideas to share with us, welcome to leave your comments!

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