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wooden floor tiles

How to Decor Your Yard with Wooden Floor Tiles

In need of a quick renovation for your yard or patio? These wooden floor tiles could be a good choice, either structural or aesthetic! As household supplies, they are made of superior wood material, usually used to surround and covered the pre-existing indoor or outdoor floor. The interlocking design can satisfy the DIYer’s requirements of installing freely and easily. These wooden floor tiles are multi-purpose which not only can be used to decorate your patio, yard, balcony; but also can be used in the living room, basement, etc.

When will you need these wooden floor tiles?

When you want to read books, grow flowers, have afternoon tea or take a nap in your yard, you might need a comfortable environment around you. At this time, consider these wooden floor tiles. The interlocking patio deck tiles which have flat surfaces are very convenient to install and easy to clean. Try to think about how cozy it would be when you sat on the ground to chat, drink tea, have meals or outdoor activities with your family or friends. How romantic it would be if you share a candlelight dinner in the courtyard with your lover at dusk. Or you can take a cute pet and let it lie lazily on the smooth wooden floor tiles, sharing the fragrance of nature in the air. It’s a good household décor for you to refurbish your pre-existing floor.

Advantages of our patio wooden floor tiles:
Maintenance free: These patio wooden floor tiles are built to last for years without much care. They can be disassembled easily for cleaning and storing and can also be cut if you need to place the mat in a corner or around a pole.
Selected material: The interlocking wooden tiles are crafted out of natural wood and durable polypropylene. Treated with the high temperature drying process, these patio tiles have a long service life and do not easily mildew even in the high humidity environment.

wooden floor tiles

Antislip surface: There are grooves on each wood slat that can increase friction and avoid accidental slipping when the tiles get wet. These quality wood flooring tiles have a good antislip function for outdoor use.

Easy installation: The interlocking design makes it easy and quick to assemble these wood floor tiles without tools and glue. They have interlocking snaps on the back, just simply snap them together and place them in your gorgeous yard.
Screw fixation: To provide you with stable support when you walk on our wooden deck tiles, the wooden board and base are fixed with self-tapping screws, which aim to make sure they are steady and firm in use. For long time use, the sturdy structure is a prerequisite.
Suitable for diverse surfaces: Our wooden floor tiles can be used for hard surfaces and soft surfaces as well. You can put them down over some hard surfaces, like cement, concrete, marble and timber floor, etc.; and can also floor them on some soft surfaces, like grass and soil, etc. The strong durability and high quality of them can bring you the coziest usage experience.
DIY friendly: If you’re interested in spending some time assembling objects on yourself instead of paying professionals to build a floor with a rigid style over several days, these deck tiles are a good choice, it will be experienced for DIYers. By the way, don’t be worried about being a new beginner, our wooden floor tiles feature an interlocking base and you can snap them together easily.

Why you need these wooden floor tiles in your yard?

wooden floor tiles

★ Décor your patio and refurbish the pre-existing floor
★ Ensure the ground is flat and place household supplies on it
★ Protect the original floor or rug
★ Update the style of your backyard cabana
★ Cost-saving and manpower-economizing
★ More aesthetically-pleasing appearance in your home

How to utilize these wooden floor tiles to décor your yard?

1. Match with other furniture
To achieve a sense of harmony in your patio yard, we recommend you to match the dark-color wood floor with the light color furniture in the same tone alternately, such as a glass coffee table, some light color accent armchairs, etc. In this way, the whole ground will be natural, uniform and aesthetically-pleasing.

2. Cover it on the hard surface or grass

wooden floor tiles

Our wooden floor tiles are designed to provide you with a flat and comfortable surface, which makes your feet more comfortable when stepping on them. Therefore, we recommend that you can spread the floor tiles on the ground in the courtyard, whether it is cement, concrete or other hard floors, our wood tiles can be directly covered; or it can be laid on the lawn in your yard, the combination of wooden floor and grass is particularly in a concinnity. Both your children and pets can play on it.
3. Splice deck tiles at will according to your preference
We provide you with detailed instructions, and you can splice and install wooden floor tiles according to your preferences with no tools. If you are a DIYer, you might get a sense of achievement during the splicing process. There will be a completely new yard after simple and quick assembly and splicing.

4. Décor your yard with these wooden floor tiles
Besides being able to place suppliers and furniture, our wooden floor tiles can also play a great decorative role. The renovation of your courtyard style and overall environment around you can be achieved by simply paving these wooden floor tiles. According to your needs and design concept, you can place these wood deck tiles everywhere on the patio. You can also put some flowers and plants pots, bookshelves, benches, armchairs or coffee tables on the interlocked wooden floor bricks to achieve harmonious collocation and make your yard colorful and more glorious.

wooden floor tiles


As a décor for your yard, patio, cabana and balcony, these wooden flooring tiles can be a good option. Our wooden patio pavers are made of 100% solid wood. The interlocking plastic base makes them very easy to install without tools. Your great renovation work can be done by simply snapping and splicing. You can place these tiles on any hard or flat surface like cement, concrete, wood floor or on the carpet. Perfect for refurbishing your pre-existing floor, simply cover on top for a new look, your yard will feature a neat and tidy ground than before! Due to their high quality and durability, they can be applied to the backyard, poolside, deck, balcony, gazebo, greenhouse, bathroom, etc!
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