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Yaheetech Large Bird Cage 69 Inch

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Heavy-duty Metal Construction, Detachable Rolling Stand, 2 Front Doors, 8 Feeder Doors, 1cm/0.4" Bar Spacing, Free Feeders & Perches & Bungee Rope, Suitable for Small Animals/Medium Birds /Large Birds, African Grey/Sun Conures/Parakeets/Cockatiels

About this item
  • Extra-large pet cage: W30.3 x D18.1 x H51.2" pet cage can house several small pets at the same time. Three tiers are connected with ladders, expanding the usable area vertically and offering more spaces for pets to climb and explore.
  • Ultrastrong construction: Our extra-large bird cage is crafted out of premium metal covered with non-toxic hammered paint. Rust- and water-resistant surface makes it a durable and safe pet cage with guaranteed quality.
  • Safe & Secure: Two 53.5 x 25 cm/ 21.1 x 9.8" front doors are secured with crescent locks, which can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors and keep them safe in the cage when you are not around. Special arc-shaped wire on each small door is served as a lock, making the door impossible for pets to lift. 0.4" bar spacing is suitable for pets in different sizes.
  • Convenient moving: Due to its extra-large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our parrot cage comes with a stand that sits on four 360° swivel smooth-rolling casters, which can perfectly solve this problem. The detachable mobile stand can be easily removed if needed.
  • Easy cleaning: Double door design makes it easy to access and clean the cage with cleaning tools. A slide-out tray under the cage can be removed and cleaned with water. A grate between pets and the tray can avoid your pets walking/laying directly on their droppings, which ensures your pets' hygiene and the tidiness of the cage.
  • Worry-free assembly: Simple assembly is required to set up this birdcage. The cage comes with all necessary hardware, detailed instructions and an Allen key to help assemble easily and quickly.

Product Descriptions

bird cage
bird cage   bird cage   bird cage   bird cage
bird cage    bird cage   bird cage   bird cage  
  • Available color: hammered black/white
  • Material: iron, steel, plastic
  • Overall dimension: 81 x 46.5 x 175.5 cm/ 31.9 x 18.3 x 69"(WxDxH)
  • Cage size: 77 x 46 x 130 cm/ 30.3 x 18.1 x 51.2"(WxDxH)
  • Door size: 53.5 x 25 cm/ 21.1 x 9.8"(LxW)
  • Lower storage shelf size: 80.7 x 46.5 cm/ 31.8 x 18.3"(LxW)
  • Tier panel size: 46 x 18 cm/ 18.1 x 7.1"(LxW)
  • Feeder bowl size: 7.5 x 5 cm/ 3 x 2'' (Dia.xD)
  • Feeder door size: 8 x 12.5 cm/ 3.2 x 4.9"(WxL)
  • Wire dia.: 3mm/0.11''; 2.6mm/0.1; 2mm/ 0.08"
  • Ladder size: 59 x 12 cm/ 23.2 x 4.7"(LxW)
  • Bar spacing: 1 cm/ 0.4"
  • Door quantity: feeder door: 10; composite front door: 2
  • Max. load capacity: 20 kg / 44 lb
  • G.W.: 24.6 kg / 54.2 lb
  • Free accessory: 8 feeding bowls, 6 perches, 1 bungee rope

Q1: Can the cage be used without the stand? I need one with a detachable stand.
A1: Yes. The cage just sits on top of the stand and just lifts off.
Q2: Would this be ok for a pair of Kakariki?
A2: Yes, I think so. I have 2 budgies and 3 canaries in it and all are very happy.
Q3: Can the different levels detach from the main structure?
A3: Yes, the levels and the ramps are detachable.
Q4: Can the cage be removed from the wheels?
A4: Yes.
Q5: I have a Meyers parrot, would she be comfy
A5: This extra-large cage is large enough for your Meyers parrot.
Q6: How big is the box it comes in?
A6: Package Size: 95.5 x 83.5 x 16 cm / 37.6 x 32.9 x 6.3'' ?(LxWxH)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Rholand Fajardo
Overall good, some warped pieces.

This cage is definitely worth the money for how big it is. I dont have birds but im using it for my sugar glider and he loves it. It wasnt very clear on the instructions how to assemble it, but thats what youtube is for lol. i just followed along a video and everything went by faster and smoother. There was maybe a few warped pieces but it wasnt too bad. Theres little prongs that go in slots down the sides when attaching everything and some of those were a little more sideways than they were supposed to be, but a couple light taps and they were back in place. Overall a very good cage for the price. Would probably buy again in the future if i needed a big cage with very small spacing for smaller animals.

June Daily
Extra Parts?

I love our cage and Buddy loves it too. But I'd like to buy extra platforms to put in the cage but can't seem to find anything. Plus Yaheetech doesn't answer their phones.

Lea Hurley
This is great!!

I got this for my sugar gliders. This is huge!! Absolutely amazing for the price. I put it together by myself. I will say lifting it to put on the stand was very difficult, it's heavy. Fun fact the medium sized cubes from dollar tree fits very well underneath. Instructions seemed good but I hardly looked at them, was super easy to assemble. I highly recommend. If you do buy this for sugar gliders make sure to zip tie the little heart doors or make sure your babies can't open them.I zip tied it onto the stand since that part did NOT seem stable.

Allison Zohn
Parakeets love it

I bought because we have 3 parakeets and wanted them to have more room. They mostly just use the top half but way more room to move than the tall cage we had before. They seem pretty happy with it. I am happy with all the door options makes feeding really easy. Doors are big enough they can fly easily in and out and I can clean it easily. Made some different perches from apple tree wood for inside to give them more options for their feet. They also like climbing up the ladder. I bought 4 different water silos it comes with some but I like the enclosed small ones so nothing gets on their water. I use the ones that came with it for food but there are also better options for the food containers than what comes with this. These let them make a mess with their seeds. I recommend getting the ones that are enclosed so they dont make a mess

Albert Jackson
4 birds, plenty of room!

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