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The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization in 2022 — Organize with a Utility Baker's Rack

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization in 2022 — Organize with a Utility Baker's Rack

Table of Contents:

When Homemade Food Becomes a Popular Trend

Is Your Kitchen Always in a Mess?

  1. Figure Out What You Have in Your Kitchen
  2. Sort & Organize these Items

Choose a Decent Baker's Rack

  1. The Definition of Baker's Racks Nowadays
  2. Ways to Choose a Proper Baker's Rack
  3. Baker's Racks or Hanging Cabinets/Shelves?
  4. How Can a Baker's Rack Benefit Your Kitchen?
  5. Multiple Uses of a Baker's Rack
  6. Other Items That Make Your Kitchen Even Better


When Homemade Food Becomes a Popular Trend

People are now pursuing a comfortable and healthy lifestyle reflected in all aspects of life. For example, enhancing the body's immunity through uninterrupted exercise, paying more attention to a nutritious diet, etc.

Air fryers are one of the popular household items in today's society. The crucial factor for people buying an air fryer is the prospect of healthier cooking. They don't want to eat fried food in oil anymore. Air fryers can solve this problem and provide people with crispy and crunchy food without oil.

Air fryer
With the improvement of the quality of life, people focus on a healthy diet. Therefore, a variety of kitchen appliances have emerged then. Except for air fryers, we might use coffee makers, speed ovens, rice cookers, and other devices to cook food or create some romance in life with some exquisite desserts.
With these modern cooking appliances, you'll find that making yummy desserts is a breeze:
Raspberry Danish
Raspberry Danish
Fragrant Coffee
Fragrant Coffee
Air Fried Food
Air Fried Food
The first step in developing healthy eating habits may start with homemade meals. Homemade treats will save you money at first because you don't need to pay a lot more than the actual cost of the food when you buy something delicious at restaurants or stores. What's more, you can cook food according to your taste and preserve the food's natural nutrition considerably. You might feel the endless joy in the process of homemade food. Most importantly, home roasting will definitely save you a fortune.

Is Your Kitchen Always in a Mess?

However, homemade food means you must prepare many cooking tools and kitchen utensils. Here are some kitchen items that many homes have in over-abundance: knives & forks, spatulas, spoons, and different sizes of pots and pans. The cluttered kitchen utensils and appliances will undoubtedly bother you sometimes and even drive you crazy.


So, how to reasonably store baking tools and daily-used appliances? Change to a bigger house? Have a larger kitchen? But a kitchen is never big enough for baking fans. By contrast, owning a baker's rack makes it easier to solve storage problems.

Here's coming the highlights now. The following content can help you solve your kitchen organization worries.

1. Figure Out What You Have in Your Kitchen

As a cooking expert, you must figure out what's in the kitchen primarily so you can accurately categorize them.

There are usually four frequently-used areas in a kitchen:
● preparation area (including the chopping boards, utensils, zesters, scissors, etc.)
● cooking area (including oven, range hood, other appliances)
● storage area (including storage shelves, refrigerator center, etc.)
● washing up area (including sink center)
There's no doubt that proper management of the different areas is probably the most critical factor in kitchen space planning.

2. Sort & Organize these Items

If you've read this part, congratulations, you're not far from the goal of having a clean kitchen.

Now, follow me to do these steps:
(1) Empty all the Clutter you see in the kitchen into a storage box
(2) Give your kitchen workstation and all of the shelves/cabinets a thorough cleaning
(3) Make a new plan for reorganizing the kitchen
(4) Sort and reorganize your kitchen items

★Please note: learn to say goodbye to the old cooking tools/appliances you don't need. Do you feel the same? Many things we can't throw away and imagine that we may use in the future. In comparison, 90% of the cases are just beautiful imaginations. The same logic also applies to lives and relationships.

However, when there is no more space in the kitchen, the easiest and quickest way is to have a baker's rack.

Choose a Decent Baker's Rack

1. Choose a Decent Baker's Rack

A baker's rack is furniture with multiple shelves/tiers, typically made of wrought iron/metal or other materials like wood, glass, and plastic. A baker's rack serves a kitchen as storage, countertop, cabinet, and additional kitchen counter.

kitchen rack

Many people think of this as a kitchen-specific storage unit, but it can also be used in other designated places. A baker's rack is also perfect for the living room, dining room, and bedroom, you could even move it outside to your patio gazebo, or anywhere it's needed.

2. Ways to Choose a Proper Baker's Rack

Baker's racks come in a wide range of sizes, materials, styles, and colors, so you should first determine where it will go and then take measurements before choosing and purchasing.

If you are picking a baker's rack for your kitchen, there are some helpful suggestions for your reference:
1. Measure the height of your kitchen
2. Make clear the interior design style of your home (appearance/material/style)
3. Choose the rack according to the number of kitchen items

After measuring the approximate size of the baker's rack, the next step you need to do is to choose the style of it that matches the style of your room. That's very important. Even better furniture may look incongruous due to improper matching.

Here are a few successful mix & match ideas:

A good match takes some thought. But it's not hard to find that the furniture in the above pics has the same color scheme or similar patterns. Your room will look more polished if similar items repeat. In short, the baker's rack you choose should accommodate your current décor.

Interior style is not enough to focus on the appearance of your home furniture; the material also determines whether your furniture and home décor are compatible to a large extent.

◆ Wood baker's rack (★★★★★)

The main reason why wood storage shelves are most recommended is that they are always cost-effective, sturdy, and long-lasting. With a powder coating surface so that long-term use is not easy to fade or rust. The basic home décor can be matched with it easily.

Wood baker's rack

◆ Steel/Chrome wire baker's rack (★★★★)

A steel storage rack Iron furniture is more suitable for the rustic industrial style and minimalist interior design. Assembled in minutes but maybe lack stylishness. Maybe you can consider if you do not focus on furniture collocation. But in terms of price, the wire storage shelf is cost-effective.

Steel/Chrome wire baker's rack

◆ Glass baker's rack (★★★)

The hardness and durability should be acceptable if it is tempered glass. However, if it's made of ordinary glass, it may be fragile and not much more maintenance. But the glass shelf may be more vintage.

 Glass baker's rack

◆ Plastic baker's rack (★★)

Plastic storage shelves are not recommended for two reasons:
① Not as strong as the materials mentioned above and not durable enough.
② Plastic material looks a little bit tacky.


Of course, a plastic shelf is also an option if you choose a simple light-weight stand with quick installation and a low budget.

3. Baker's Racks or Hanging Cabinets/Shelves?

Maybe some homeowners think that the structure of baker's racks is more complicated. They advocate the installation of more hanging cabinets or shelves in their kitchen for storing items and saving space.

But actually, hanging cabinets are only suitable for kitchens with large areas. For tiny homes, that will only highlight its shortcomings. Because the volume of the hanging cabinet is too large, it will occupy a large part of the wall space. Identically, too many kitchen hanging shelves will look very cluttered. That makes the small kitchen look more depressing, and people are prone to bumping their heads when preparing or cooking in the kitchen, which is not convenient to move around.

4. How Can a Baker's Rack Benefit Your Kitchen?

(1) All-in-one storage

The dazzling cooking utensils make the kitchen look overwhelmed with bottles and jars, pots and pans. As mentioned earlier, you can't always go for a more oversized kitchen, so the kitchen space needs to be well-planned and utilized. Just like clothes need a closet, your daily-used kitchen items should also have their habitat. Kitchen baker's racks can go a long way to help you solve your storage problems and give you a fresh and tidy look.

All-in-one storage

(2) Multi-purpose

The location where you want to store baker's racks is diverse. A Kitchen storage shelf is not only a rack for the air fryer, microwave, coffee pot, toaster, and blender but also a great organizer to store other items. You can use it in the kitchen, living room, dorms, apartments, craft rooms, etc.


 (3) Stylish & Trendy décor

A compatible baker's rack can be a focal point of the room.

If you are a minimalist, then it is recommended that you choose a metal baker's rack. The structure of the iron storage shelf is relatively simple; it usually combines the polished surface and geometric shape with modern industrial design, which can match perfectly with other kitchen furniture and your home style.

If you decorated your home in a vintage or luxury style, you could choose a mid-century style baker's rack to match your home décor. Often these types of shelves, the forms and lines tend to be much more complicated, and the color may also be more optional. It even can be a perfect place to store bath products, towels, and toiletry. It'll make a charming statement in a bathroom.

(4) Flexible & Versatile

The standard baker's racks are intended to rest against a wall. It's easy to relocate from one place to another when it's empty. Moreover, not only can bakers use this storage rack, but you can also move it to your garden as a planter rack or your study/living room as a display stand. It's convenient for heavy loads, so don't worry about your miscellaneous items.

(5) Come in all shapes/colors/styles

A storage baker's rack is ideal for your kitchen and comes in all shapes, colors, and styles. Whether metal, plastic, or wood baker's rack, usually they are simple to clean and maintain. You only need a dry/damp cloth or some mild cleaners.

(6) Additional functions

Some baker's racks are also thoughtfully designed for wine storage. As the picture shows, this storage rack features an angled wine rack that holds bottles in a slightly slanted position to prevent corks from drying out and shrinking and keep oxygen from seeping into the bottles. Professional design brings you a lot of conveniences.

5. Multiple Uses of a Baker's Rack

(1) As a bookshelf/display shelf

A baker's rack is also a great choice when your study/bedroom is full of books or knickknacks. It also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom/living room.

(2) As a planter stand

When faced with flower pots that won't fit on your balcony, you might also consider letting the storage shelf do you a favor.

(3) As a wine rack

How can your favorite wine and liquor be without a home? Baker's racks can still meet your storage requirements at this time!

(4) Entryway stand

A baker's rack can be pretty handy if your entryway still has extra wall space. Your essentials like bags, keys, umbrellas, hats and other everyday stuff will be unified by the storage stand before you go out.

6. Other Items That Make Your Kitchen Even Better

When you get there, is everything already clear? Not only does the article help you solve the problem of kitchen items storage, but you can even enjoy the "two-for-one" even "N-for-one" deal! Don't hurry. The essential knowledge is not done yet. To make your kitchen clean and tidy, perhaps you can also use these tools to assist the baker's rack reorganize your kitchen.

(1) Yaheetech Mobile Wine Cart

If you are an oenophile, then the wine area on the baker's rack is undoubtedly not enough to put your wine bottles. The wine rack can become the exclusive base for wine and allow you to store wine safely and conveniently in one location.

wine rack

(2) Yaheetech Kitchen Island Cart

A rolling kitchen island usually combines cabinet and storage shelves with a countertop. Narrow kitchens with limited counter space are usually a headache when living in a small area. Still, practical storage solutions like rolling kitchen trolleys can help you store and organize your kitchen essentials, and make your kitchen clean and tidy.

(3) Yaheetech Kitchen Buffet Sideboard

A buffet sideboard won't let you down without enough kitchen space. Whether for the sofa side or against the wall in your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, it can be a good piece of budget-friendly home storage furniture. With easy sliding doors, an adjustable shelf, minimalist construction lines, multipurpose applications, easy assembly, and more design details, this buffet sideboard will make it well worth your budget.

(4) Yaheetech Storage Cabinet with Drawer

This storage cabinet is used to store your scattered items at your home. Of course, it can also stand in the living room/entryway to help you store your beloved shoes. This practical cabinet has a spacious drawer for keeping small items like keys, belts, shopping cards, or kitchen items like dinner sets for your convenience. It's ideal for family or shoe collections.


Baker's rack is ideal for those who prefer open shelving to display dinnerware or maintain a tidy space feel. It is a hot household item today. Getting it home can solve your storage problems and effectively increase space utilization. As said above, baker's racks feature various types and are not only applicable to the kitchen. In a broad sense, baker's racks are space-full storage racks. You can place it according to your preference.

According to the methods mentioned above, get a practical and trendy storage rack for your home!


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