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Picking the Best Artificial Christmas Tree for Your Home: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Picking the Best Artificial Christmas Tree for Your Home: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Being more sustainable than real trees, artificial Christmas trees are a great alternative that helps you get rid of many hassles, like trimming and shaping the tree, daily watering and care, preventing pine sap and needles from falling off your carpets and hands, making your holiday season more pleasant.

With the diverse assortment of artificial Christmas trees on the market, coming with different heights, shapes, materials, styles and colors, picking one for your home can be tricky.

Therefore, we are here to offer you this all-around guide on selecting the right artificial Christmas tree for your home.

1. What is Pleasant about Artificial Christmas Tree

Compared with real Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees have a great many prominent advantages.

Go ahead and read the list of the top reasons for choosing an artificial Christmas tree over a real tree and learn more about picking the best one for this holiday season!

1.1 Value for Money

The most notable feature of artificial Christmas trees is they have better value than real trees.

Although it seems artificial Christmas trees are more expensive than real ones if you only look at the price.

However, artificial trees often can be reused for more than five years under proper use and are friendlier to the environment while real trees will end up being thrown in the bin within a few weeks.

You can even save more money if you choose a pre-lit or fully decorated Christmas tree.

Pay for one year and enjoy free tress for the next few years.

1.2 Customize for Your Taste

Natural Christmas trees have limited sizes, shapes and colors, which may be too ordinary and can’t meet the special requirement of your dream Christmas tree.

With extensive different sizes, shapes, colors and styles, artificial Christmas trees ensure you find a tree that is tailored to your taste.

1.3 Hassle-free Maintenance

One exceptional feature of artificial Christmas trees that you will definitely like is it is lifeless and doesn’t drop pine needles or sap as real trees, which means you can get rid of the hassle of watering, pruning, cleaning, preserving freshness or dragging it to the recycle bin after Christmas.

It is the best choice for an easy and relaxing holiday.

1.4 Increased Protection

The heat generated by the string lights on live trees can expose you to a terrible fire threat.

Artificial Christmas trees are often made of refractory materials which can better protect your safety more during use, as long as the socket is not overloaded.

Moreover, live trees tend to dry out and droop after being used for some time, making them difficult to support the heavy ornaments hanging on the trees.

With artificial Christmas trees, you don’t need to worry about your delicate decorations falling or shattering, resting you easy to enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family.

2. Determine the Right Size of Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees range from the towering trees you often see in the shopping malls to little desktop ornaments you can find in stores and restaurants.

Before purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, the first thing you should do is to decide where you are going to place your Christmas tree.

To make sure you get the Christmas tree into the position, accurately measure the height and width of the space that you are planning to set up your tree.

2.1 Tree Heights

Artificial Christmas trees come with various heights for different spaces and needs.

Here is a guideline for deciding the perfect artificial Christmas tree height for your living room.

Tabletop: trees under 6’ (usually within the range of 1’ to 3’) are ideal choices for the tabletops of your entry console or dining table.

Apartment: trees of 6’ to 6’5’’ height are suitable for apartments or compact condos, fitting perfectly for lower ceiling heights between 7.5 to 9 feet and/or limited floor space.

Standard house: 7.5’ to 9’’ tall trees work for most houses with 9 to 12 feet ceiling height, especially well-suited for big open space and effortlessly accommodates your numerous ornaments more stably.

Two-story loft: 9’ and taller range trees can be accommodated by the vaulted ceiling. However, trees of this height are less common and may cause an unbalance feeling when paired with your furniture and occupy too much floor space.



Please note that artificial Christmas trees come with stands to support the tree and usually the heights of the trees already include the heights of the stands.

Thus there’s no need to add the extra height of the stand when making the decision.

In addition to these general rules for selecting an artificial Christmas tree with the right height, there’s another thing that deserves to be noticed.

It is NOT a good idea to buy an artificial Christmas tree with the same height as the ceiling.

Here’s why: The tree toppers should be included in your consideration of the overall height of the Christmas tree you’re buying, which will increase the height you need.

If you already have a topper available at home, such as a star or a snowflake, take out a tape and measure its height and then subtract it from the ceiling height to determine the maximum height your Christmas tree can have.

If there’s no existing topper, ensure 6’’ to 12’’ of clearance from the top of the tree topper and your ceiling, allowing your tree to stand tall while leaving enough space for a topper.

To achieve a more aesthetic look, it’s better to leave at least one inch between the top of the Christmas tree and the ceiling.

2.2 Tree Profile and Width

After figuring out the appropriate height you want your artificial Christmas tree to be, it is time to assess the width that your Christmas tree can hold.
As you may have found online, that the profile of artificial Christmas trees mainly involves full, slim, pencil and sparse
  • Full


The most common and popular Christmas tree shape.

This classic form of the tree is similar to a cone with a narrow top and a wide bottom, looking the best in living areas and is perfect for those who love the appearance of traditional fluffy Christmas trees illustrated in films and stories.
  • Slim


Slim Christmas trees are thinner and more compact than full Christmas trees, easily standing out in the living room of small or medium-sized homes with their exquisite looks.

  • Pencil


Built in elongated shapes that resemble pencils, these kinds of Christmas trees are especially suitable for small apartments or any tight spaces and corners as they are easy to haul and set up without taking up much space.  

  • Sparse


The sparse Christmas trees have fewer branches and needles that provide you with a more natural look, creating an imperfect yet organic lifelike feeling of vitality.


The width of each artificial Christmas tree varies from profiles and specific heights.

When deciding the width of your Christmas tree, add 3 to 6 inches to your measurement to make sure it won’t jam into the space.

If there’s no ample space around or on each side of the Christmas tree, decorating the tree and surrounding the presents under the tree would be a hassle for you.  

3. Consider the Type of Artificial Christmas Tree Needles

Once you have confirmed the height and width of your artificial Christmas tree, you can proceed to the next step to pick the type of tree needles.

3.1 PVC

The PVC material can be flexibly made into any Christmas tree look you desire by cutting the compressed PVC into long and flat rectangular shapes and twisting them into branches, producing the visual effect of thick and lush branches, especially from a distance.

The most prominent advantage of the PVC type of Christmas tree is its affordability and durability, very cost-effective for people who don’t want to invest a big sum of money on a Christmas tree but also want one that will last for more Christmas seasons.

In addition, the colors of PVC trees are not easy to fade, keeping the tree green for all time.

Its fire-resistant feature is another bonus, making it safer to use than a real tree.

3.2 PE

The PE Christmas trees have a more authentic look as they mimic the structure, texture and color variations of natural evergreens, which gives your artificial Christmas tree an enhanced touch of realism and multi-dimension.

However, trees with PE needles are usually more expensive.

4. Choose the Style of Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Another thing to consider when buying an artificial Christmas tree is to choose your favorite style of the tree.
Here are the trending styles of artificial Christmas trees:

4.1 Pre-lit


Come with the attached glimmering lights to the branches, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are gaining popularity due to their easy installation and decoration.

Simply unpack, set the tree up, apply your decorated baubles and tree topper and the Christmas tree is ready to go, eliminating the fussy step to install the lights.

You can opt for white, colored lights or a mixture of both.

But please keep in mind that, the pre-wired lights cannot be moved that it would be difficult to switch the style of the tree every year, so you’d better go for one with the lights that you won’t get bored of too quickly.

4.2 Unlit


If you prefer to wrap the lights by yourself and enjoy the traditional Christmas tree decorating experience, choose an unlit artificial Christmas tree to exert your creativity adding a unique festive charm to your space.

Available in a range of different sizes and shapes as the other artificial trees, perfect for every type of home.

4.3 Flocked


Branches dusted with glittering artificial snow, the flocked artificial Christmas trees are always attractive, filling your home with the romance of snowy winter and best fulfilling your fantasy of the winter wonderland at home.

Flocked Christmas trees are your best bet if you are looking for a tree with a freshly fallen snow look.

4.4 Fiber Optic


Fiber-optic Christmas trees feature sparkling mini LED lights on the tips of branches or throughout the trees.

The colors of the lights are often diverse and changeable.

Fiber optic trees have their lights directly built into the tree, whereas pre-lit

Christmas trees have LED lights strung in between the branches.

4.5 Tinsel


If you are obsessed with glamorous and dazzling style, you may want a tinsel artificial Christmas tree.

Come in a variety of colors and with shiny needles which can reflect all types of lights, tinsel Christmas trees will add glam and glitz to your home.

4.6 Fully-decorated


Another style of artificial Christmas trees is pre-decorated with lights arranged and ornaments attached, which is ideal for those who dislike the cumbersome decoration process.

However, the lights and decorations are usually fixed and cannot be moved or taken away, so you’d be careful to choose a fully decorated Christmas tree that you and your family truly like.

5. Select the Color of Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Although green is the traditional color of Christmas trees, some years you may want to spice things up a bit.

What’s particularly special about artificial Christmas trees is that they are available in various colors including white, black, pink, silver, gold and so on, providing you with more fun purchase options.

5.1 Green

As the most classic color of Christmas trees, green artificial trees have a variety of shades and have always been the most popular choices.

If you value versatility and have an abundant collection of vintage red, green and white ornaments, green trees might be the best options as they can be paired with almost any color and fill your room with vitality.

You can never go wrong with a green Christmas tree.

5.2 White


White Christmas trees are bright and stylish, bringing your entire room a vibe of outdoor fresh snow.

The clean white branches work as a great backdrop for highlighting your sophisticated ornaments and tree topper.

They are perfect festival additions if your home is in a modern and minimalist design.

5.3 Black


Yes! Black Christmas trees are on-trend in recent years.

The neutral tone of black branches can easily match all types of ornaments, more accurately reflecting the richness and intensity of colors.

Black Christmas trees are usually well polished, exuding a low-key yet strong chic sense, which is eye-catching.

In addition, black Christmas trees also fit the spooky Halloween season, adding an eerie and gloomy aura to your room alongside your scary pumpkins and skulls.

Let the holiday spirit starts earlier with stunning black Christmas trees!

5.4 Pink


The pink color represents love and joy, full of romantic tinges.

Young people especially swoon over gentle rosy blush feel.

It is a great idea to use rose gold ornaments to emphasize the warm pinky undertones and dot it with silver and gold elements to bring on more bling, and soft white to add a lighter touch and snowy ambiance, perfect for creating an impressive winter holiday décor to showcase your distinctive taste.

5.5 Silver


Silver artificial trees are stunning Christmas centerpieces that never fail to cut a dash season after season.

Silver is considered to be a neutral color and can be complemented with many hues.

Both matte and metallic decorations work excellently on a silver tree.

Shining from top to the bottom, silver artificial Christmas trees are the best additions for building a frosty wonderland at home, demonstrating tasteful, luxurious and low-profile qualities.

5.6 Gold


If you are planning to make your home dazzle in this festive season, a classy and glamorous gold Christmas tree is right for you, being the absolute showstopper in your home.

The gold Christmas trees have quite a few gorgeous shades to choose from, among which the most popular are champagne gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Even if there are no sophisticated decorations on the tree, the beauty of a gold Christmas tree is that it still stands out even if it is the only gilded item in your home with its charming twinkles.

Not to mention how sparkling they will be after being carefully dressed up.


Apart from using a single color and single size Christmas tree, you can also enhance your holiday décor by combining a couple of Christmas trees in different colors and sizes to supply your home with a richer sense of layering and a stronger Christmas atmosphere.

Enjoy the best of both!

For example, you can get a full green tree to use as the main Christmas tree and displace several small size ones on the tabletops or right next to the large one.

In terms of the color matching of Christmas trees, you can make the collocation based on your room décor style and your preferences.


Enjoy shopping for the best Artificial Christmas Trees in our Yaheetech online store.

Our Christmas trees are lifelike imitating the structure and material of real Christmas trees to detail.

We have always valued the quality and reliability of our products, providing you with a large selection of cost-effective trees to choose from.

If you’ve been seeking the most realistic artificial Christmas trees with a natural appearance, look for nowhere!

Yaheetech will not let you down! We want you to have a fabulous Christmas with your family!

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